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    Death Penalty Policy and Supreme Court Cases impacting it.

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    Find 5 cases that have had an impact on the death penalty.
    Provide a brief summary of each case, the constitutional issues, and judgment.
    Where is the death penalty today?
    How has each of your selected cases related to the current U.S. death penalty policies?
    Would you seek the death penalty in the of police officer murder case?
    Would a cost analysis change your view of the death penalty?

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    1. Kennedy v. Louisiana (PDF 82KB)
    US Supreme Court, 554 U.S.___
    June 25, 2008

    The synopsis of this case is that Kennedy was convicted of a violent sexual assault against his stepdaughter and subsequently sentenced to death for the rape. The importance of this case is that the United States Supreme Court overturned the ruling because sentencing someone to death for a crime that did not involve the death of another human being violates the Eighth Amendment's prevention against cruel and unusual punishment.

    2. Baze v. Rees (PDF 356KB)
    U.S. Supreme Court, 553 U.S. ___
    Apr. 16, 2008

    In this case two death row inmates challenged the state of Kentucky's use of the death penalty on the grounds that it represented cruel and unusual punishment violating the Eighth Amendment. They claimed that the lethal cocktail used for the injections was cruel and unusual. ...

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    This solution provides students with the 5 most important cases to shape the policy on the use of the Death penalty in the United States.