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    The Development of Juvenile Justice

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    Choose three cases you believe have been most important in the development/evolution of juvenile justice and why.

    Thompson v. Oklahoma - killed his sister's boyfriend
    Stanford v. Kentucky - rob a store and shot a cashier in the face
    Roper v. Simmons - threw a lady off a bridge

    2 pages double spaced APA FORMAT

    2 references please.

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    The most important juvenile case was Roper v. Simmons. The reason for this statement is because of the fact that prior to this case, the United States, which supposedly was or is the most humane country that champions human rights, was the only Westernized country that still had the death penalty for juveniles. The country maintained this death penalty policy despite of all the scientific evidence that existed regarding how juvenile offenders are not similar to adult offenders because of their underdeveloped minds, which causes them to act on impulse without thinking of the ...

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    The development of juvenile justice is examined.