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Landmark juvenile justice cases that shaped juvenile law.

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What 3 cases do you feel may have impacted the Juvenile deliquency system? What happened in the case and why do you feel it is significat to our modern juvenile system?

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1.) Roper v. Simmons (2005)

This case was one of the most significant juvenile court cases in history as it was the impetus for abolishment of the death penalty in the United States for people under the age of 18. The synopsis of the case is that Simmons who was seventeen at the time of the murder concocted a plan with two other teens wherein he intended to commit a murder believing that his age at the time of the crime would bar him from receiving the death penalty or being tried as an adult. Simmons and one of the friends chose to burglarize the house of a woman that Simmons had previously encountered in a traffic accident. The two robbed the house, took the woman, and Simmons subsequently tied her up and threw her in the river. The woman was alive and drowned to death as a result of being thrown in the river while being tied up.

After news of the crime surfaced the friend that backed out of participating in the murder alerting authorities of Simmons brags and boasts about the killing and he was arrested for the crime. Because of the depravity and sinister nature of the crime, the Missouri District Attorney for the case chose to ...

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This solution provides the student with 3 juvenile justice cases ruled upon by the Supreme Court that have changed or created juvenile policy and law.

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