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    Summary of Juvenile Court System

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    Research the juvenile court system in your state and prepare an executive summary
    Include the following:

    - Juveniles' rights
    - Legal protections available for juveniles
    - Laws and criteria for juvenile waiver to adult court
    - Landmark cases that have influenced juvenile law in your state or recent changes in juvenile law

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    - Juveniles' rights

    Juveniles' rights in the state of Missouri are predicated upon the same ideologies that were the initial creation of the juvenile justice system wherein the impetus is to ensure that the best interests of the child are upheld. The notion that juveniles are less than adults is shattered within this format wherein juveniles are treated with respect and dignity. The facilities responsible for housing the juveniles are small generally consisting of between 10-30 youths located at sites throughout the state that are within close access of their homes to allow for the family bonds that are important between youths and their core family to remain.

    Important for the humanistic vantage point is the fact that these facilities do not resemble the traditional jails that espouse the notion of incarceration and loss of freedom. In addition highly trained professionals consisting of counselors and other educated staff work with the youths to treat with respect and dignity. The overall theme of the Missouri model is juvenile justice that espouses a ...

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