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Criminal Law and Justice

Juveniles and Gang Activity

Why do juveniles join gangs? What is the psychological profile of a gang member? What can parents do to help their children stay clear of gangs? What should parents do if they find out their children are involved in gang activity? Who should parents call, and what kind of information should they provide? How can the co

Law Enforcement and Shared Leadership 300 word essay with reference

What have been some of the benefits of shared leadership in law enforcement? Outline some of the benefits and describe how this power-sharing arrangement can assist in making successful policing decisions both administratively and in the field. 300 word essay with reference

Little Rascals Day Care Center and Sexual Abuse

Since the 1960s, every state has passed laws against child abuse and neglect. The most publicized sexual abuse allegations from the 1980s to the early 1990s were against the Little Rascals Day Care Center. Research the case and discuss the following: - Provide and overview of the facts of the case. - What was the prosecutio

Grand Larceny: Returning Stolen Money

Michelle worked two jobs as a security guard in Phoenix, Arizona. She was walking outside the building where she works at 6:30 AM, Monday, when two bundles of money fell out of an armored truck en route to a bank. Inside the bundles was approximately $500,000. Michelle had an inheritance that would post to her bank account on We

Criminology and Theory Integration

Why were the 1980s considered a period of crisis for criminology? What lessons can be learned from this crisis to avoid similar issues in the future? Why is theory integration important for the future of criminology? How do explanations of crime differ today from those in the past?

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Policy

What are the strong points of the U.S. anti-terrorism policy? What are its weaknesses? Minimum of 150 words.

Stereotypes and Domestic Violence 325 word essay

Johnny M. is a police officer with 20 years experience on the force. Once again, one night, he is dispatched to 123 Anycity St. to respond to a domestic violence call. It seems like he visits this couple at least once a month, and it is becoming more frequent. Every time, he separates them, talks to the husband, and gives him a

Discussing Family Violence in Same Sex Relationships 300 word essay with reference

Jill and Marlene live together in a committed relationship. Jill tends to be insecure and easily becomes jealous. She has started to become aggressive, and one night, her verbal battering crosses over to physical violence. Jill pushes Marlene, causing Marlene to stumble and fall hitting her head on a table. Blood gushing from a

Risk Factors for Drug Abuse in Youths

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) falls under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and reports on the risk factors for drug use among juveniles. Among these factors are neighborhood characteristics, parental involvement, peer influence, religious involvement, and drug prevention o

Juvenile Justice and Delinquents

It is a common practice for parents and even the police and school officials to not report status offenses such as underage drinking and truancy from school, and many minor offenses such as stealing small amounts of money, fighting, and shoplifting, on the grounds that this behavior is just part of the growing-up process. In

Counter Terrorism 350 word essay with reference

The prevention of terrorist acts and treating a terrorist as a criminal are the highest priorities in the U.S. counterterrorism policy. What could be done to strengthen U.S. policy against domestic terrorism? 350 word essay with reference.

Life Course Theories

Discuss the definition of life course theories and how this theory differentiates from other criminological perspectives.

Free Will and Criminal Punishment

Discuss what issues biological theories of criminology bring up regarding free will and the justness of punishment. Please reference at least one source.

Problems with Crime Data Programs

Discuss some of the problems with crime data programs as well as why the problems exist and how they can be remedied. Please add references.