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Criminal Law and Justice

Counter Terrorism 350 word essay with reference

The prevention of terrorist acts and treating a terrorist as a criminal are the highest priorities in the U.S. counterterrorism policy. What could be done to strengthen U.S. policy against domestic terrorism? 350 word essay with reference.

Life Course Theories

Discuss the definition of life course theories and how this theory differentiates from other criminological perspectives.

Problems with Crime Data Programs

Discuss some of the problems with crime data programs as well as why the problems exist and how they can be remedied. Please add references.

Society versus Genetics

Discuss the ways society and crime interact with each other. Discusses how many believe that society (demographics) breeds criminals, while many believe that crime is passed through genetics (science). 400 words with reference.

Domestic Violence Theories and Case Study Over 600 word essay with reference.

Jim comes from a traditional and conservative background. His father worked hard to support his wife and six children. He controlled the finances, and the couple had only one car, often leaving Jim's mother isolated and unable to get out of the house to participate in the children's activities. Jim's father would often become fr

Blaming a Victim

Evaluate the claim that some are blaming the victim. What would be the purpose in blaming the victim? Is it possible that some victims precipitated actions taken against them? Provide examples of how this might occur. Why is it important for victimologists to remain objective instead of pro-victim? What are some of the spec

Presidential Debate and Social Conflict

Explain how Romney and Obama use criminological theories such as social conflict to frame their own rendition of the neutralization theory. Provide references.

Family Violence, Spousal Abuse and Video Games Over 400 word essay with reference.

Adam and his sister Eva live in a beautiful home in the suburbs of a large city. Their parents are both professionals, their father is a well-known defense attorney, and their mother teaches at the local high school. Sometimes their father gets angry when he and his wife are arguing. In his anger, he pushes his wife around, hits

Less-than-lethal options in law enforcement Over 375 word essay with reference.

Identify and describe at least 3 less-than-lethal options that are available to law enforcement. Identify and describe at least 1 new less-than-lethal or nonlethal technology that is currently under development. Make sure to include the following in your response: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using les

Signs or incidents of cybercrime

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is one of the leading agencies when responding to cybercrime. However, the FBI is still at risk just like any other agency or organization. Discuss the signs or incidents that might notify someone that this type of crime is taking place. For example: Types of security signs or incide

American Pediatric Association's View on Violence

It is estimated that today's children will be exposed to approximately 20 to 25 violent acts per hour during one Saturday morning of TV programming, and approximately 5 violent acts per hour during regular adult programming. Viewing television violence may lead to a change in a child's values and an increase in violent behavior.

Causes of Juvenile Delinquency

Are children who are raised in single-parent families more likely to engage in delinquent behavior throughout their youth? If so, why? What other factors besides family background should be considered in assessing causes of delinquency? , Are children from two-parent families less likely to engage in delinquent behavior th

Boarding Schools and Boot Camps

Parents have several options when seeking help for teenagers with emotional and behavioral problems. Juvenile boot camps and boarding schools are two such options. List three main differences between the methods that boarding schools and boot camps utilize. In your opinion, which of these options would be more effective in worki

Techniques of Neutralization for Different Forms of Crime

Provide a specific example of a street crime and a white-collar crime and then demonstrate how the offender could utilize Gresham Sykes and David Matza techniques of neutralization in an attempt to provide no-criminal meaning to their actions.

Classical School of Criminology.

What are the principles of the classical school of criminology? Which principle had the most influence on the mission and history of corrections? Explain. 500 word essay with reference.

General theory of crime

What elements comprise the social bond for Hirschi? How are ideas from the Chicago School relevant to this theory? What are examples of positive and negative reinforcement and punishment? What is the major difference between reinforcement and punishment? What is meant by life-course theory? How might this theory be used to bet