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Criminal Law and Justice

Substance Abuse and Drug Law

I have begun researching a paper on substance abuse and the success of incarceration based on drug laws and could use some help. I also need to follow the introduction with 1-2 page summary indicating the research method which I intend to use for my study. The study may be qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed- method approach (

Probation Caseload

I have some questions concerning the following case study: The judge is considering placing an offender who got caught with 17g of heroin on probation but is unsure which caseload would be appropriate. He asks the probation officer to write a presentence investigation report and conduct a risk needs assessment on the offend

Michigan Sentencing and Presentence Investigations

1. When an offender enters a guilty plea for possession of heroin, what sentence might a Michigan judge impose? Further case details: -There was 17.2 grams of heroin seized. -A guilty plea was entered -The offender was cooperative. -The offender has 1 prior misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana. He was sentenced to

Staff Diversity in Correctional Facilities

Why is staff diversity important in correctional facilities? What are the advantages of having a diverse staff and the disadvantages of not having one? Describe a historical event that occurred due to having a non-diverse prison staff.

Treatment and Programs Within Prisons

Discuss types of treatment and programs provided within prisons. How is an inmate's need for them identified? How have education programs changed over the years? What is involved in the continuum of care for inmates with mental health problems, and why is substance abuse treatment in prison critically important? How do work prog

Gangs in Prison

Discuss prison gang development and characteristics of gang members. What strategies are being used in an attempt to control gangs in prison? Do you think these strategies are effective? Why, or why not?

Collective Bargaining's Use in Correctional Agencies

Explain collective bargaining and its use in correctional agencies. Why were/are correctional administrators concerned by it? Do you think it is good that correctional employees have collective bargaining? Why, or why not?

The Role and Nature of Organizational Risk Management

What is the role and nature of organizational risk management in justice and security organizations and why it is important? Address the following in your assessment: · Planning for risk and identifying resources. · How justice and security organizations manage risk. · Costs associated in managin

Concept, Types, and rationale for Bail Bonds

Once the arrested person has been booked and is waiting to see the judge for his initial appearance, his defense attorney asked for the bond amount to be lowered because his client is considered indigent. The prosecution would not agree to this, so a bond hearing was set for the following Thursday. This will give the prosecution

Balance in the Administration of Justice and Security

The evolution of justice and security over the 21st century may best balance rights and freedoms with vigilance and sufficient authority to protect the citizens in a free society, while respecting constitutional guarantees concerning individual rights. Pay particular attention to balance as a concept that serves as a guidin

Writing Police Reports

Assume that a traffic stop resulted in arresting someone for 15 g of heroin possession: No witness statements are available. The heroin seized totaled was 15 grams and field tested positive. Assume that he was cooperative. Assume the offense occurred in Michigan. - What should be the 3 main components of an initial repo

Regulating the Conditions of State Prisons

Discuss the issue of the federal government's involvement in regulating state prison conditions. Should this be left up to the individual states or should the federal government regulate this?

An Evaluation on Criminal Justice Authority

- What role does a civilian oversight committee have in ensuring authoritative powers are not abused as it applies to acts of discretion? - Provide a critique of the values and ramifications of such an oversight committee. - Include an assessment of the various factors effecting attitudes of criminal justice personnel

How Courts Make Policies

Explain how courts make policies. How significant is the court's role in creating policies? Identify and explain the steps involved in the process.

Criminality in Different Countries

You and your best friend are heading out on two month vacation and plan to visit five destinations. The day before you are set to leave your friend tells you that it has always been her dream to steal something very valuable from each of these five locations, and that during the vacation she plans to make her dream come true. As

Defining Justice Components

What is the definition of justice? What are the various components of justice? How are these components of justice applied throughout the criminal justice system? How would you describe utilitarianism as it pertains to justice and security issues?

Responsibilities of Justice System Officials

Identify and describe statutory authority and responsibilities of justice system officials, security personnel, and private citizens regarding investigative detention and the arrest of suspected offenders. In your analysis, include the following: - Evaluate the psychological and physical treatment of suspected offenders and a

Contemporary Economic Crime

Provide an overview of contemporary economic crime. Suggest appropriate methods for dealing with white collar crime. Suggest methods for defending oneself against white collar crime. Speculate about the impact of technology and future innovations on white collar crime.

Acts of Corruption:

Please provide opinion on the following: Visit the Web site. This site is an example of a "watchdog" site. The site's authors look for improper dealings in government and report them. Look through the site and find an example of something that you believe is improper or corrupt. Describe it. Are these ex

Internet and Email Fraud

- Using e-mails you have received or Internet sources, find an example of an attempt to commit fraud or to steal your personal data. - Describe the e-mail and identify what crime is being attempted and how you are able to identify the e-mail as fraud or identity theft. - Are there any other crimes that are commonly perpetr

Leadership: Shared, Visionary and Law Enforcement

What does the term shared leadership mean? What advantages or disadvantages do you see in this leadership approach? What direction should law enforcement leaders take for the future, related to leadership styles? What does the term visionary leadership mean?

Media awareness in rape cases: Does it help or hurt?

Maureen, a victim of sexual assault (date rape) whom you worked with last week as part of your internship as a victim witness assistant, was approached by the local media seeking an interview about the crime she alleges, and she wants you to tell whether she should tell her story to the press or not. According to Maureen, wh