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Restorative Justice Process

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Define Restorative Justice.

Explain the restorative justice process.

Identify how the crime in the case study had effects that went beyond harm to the immediate victim.

Describe how the restorative justice process differs from contemporary criminal justice processes.

Reflect on how the restorative justice process benefitted David, Mildred, and the community.

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The solution discusses the restorative justice process.

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Restorative justice is a form of punishment that goes beyond rehabilitative punishment to attempt to restore a sense of justice and peace to the victim of a crime through the use of mediation and counseling that includes the perpetrator's participation. The ultimate goal is to allow for the offender and the victim to reconcile if possible with the victim receiving apologies, financial reimbursement, and other contrite gestures from the offender in an attempt to restore their previous state of well-being before the crime occurred.

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