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    Restorative Justice VS Traditional Justice

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    1. In what way would understanding the causes of crime aid offenders in the restorative-justice process.
    2. How do restorative justice principle aid in providing justice for victims.
    3. How does restorative justice aim to serve society better than traditional, adversarial model of justice.

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    Restorative justice focuses on the causes of the crime or crimes, which have caused the person to commit the particular crime. Take for instance drug offenses such as selling. In many areas of disadvantaged people who have a low income, the desire to survive and live outweighs the possibility of going to prison. However, drug use as well as dealing leads to the potential for violent confrontations based on money and greed. Therefore, if we understand ...

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    What are the benefits of restorative justice and how are they applied in a real world setting?