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Criminal Law and Justice

Products that Proved Harmful that Celebrities Have Endorsed

Celebrities often endorse products. How much responsibility do you think a celebrity endorser should bear if the product they promote turns out to be fraudulent, unsafe, or harmful in some way? Think of an example of a celebrity endorsing a harmful or illegal product. Describe the example and explain why the celebrity should

Public Executions Analysis

By watching public executionsâ?"that can be viewed via television or Webcastâ?"people can see the consequence of what will happen if they commit a similar criminal act. What are some of the potential positives and negatives of public executions? Provide a functional analysis of public execution by exploring this issue from

Criminal Procedures/White Collar Crime

1. Because early investigational errors in the identification of perpetrators can seriously undermine the outcome of a criminal case, it is important that investigators use proper, non-suggestive procedures for a lineup. Prepare an outline describing a model procedure for officers in your department to use when conducting both a

Criminal Procedures: Confessions and DNA Evidence

1.) Applying the basic notion of due process to involuntary confessions, explain why we would ever prevent a jury from hearing a defendant's confession? Would people ever confess to crimes they did not commit? What are the dangers of an inquisitorial system of criminal justice? 2.) In your opinion, should the use of DNA evide

6 Government Agencies Investigating White-Collar Crime

Identify and describe six agencies that investigate white-collar crimes, including at least one each from local, state, and federal levels. For each of the six agencies, identify the types of white-collar crimes dealt with and provided an appropriate example.

Draft of a "Conditions of Parole" Policy

You have joined the parole board in Oregon in the capacity of a member. The board needs to review the case of a child sexual offender who has already served 15 years of his 25-year sentence. He has participated in all of the rehabilitation services and has been a model prisoner. The chairperson of the board has asked you to draf

Serial Killers and the Criminal Justice System

Media stories about serial killers and their crimes hog headlines. The criminal justice system invests efforts to bring in such criminals. In your opinion, does our criminal justice system spend excessive attention and resources on serial killers? Why? From a utilitarian perspective, what kind of focus should serial crimes re

Consent and Rights of Law Enforcement

1. How does a police officer decide whose consent to seek when searching a place where there are multiple owners, like a husband and wife, parent and child, or landlord and tenant? Do you share your home with someone else? Should that person be allowed to consent to a police search of your personal belongings? 2. Why is it

Federal Drug Policy

What is a federal drug policy? Discuss the history behind policy. What issues caused the government to adopt the policy? What criminal group does it target? Does it effect foreign trade? If so, how? What issues are neglected when enforcing the policy? Who enforces the policy? What are the costs on society? I have to decide if it

Criminal procedures

When a person is taken into custody and is being put into a jail or other facility, may officers conduct a complete body or a "strip" search? What is the justification for such a search? Does the nature of the charged crime make a difference? How far may such a search go? In addition, recommend a strip-search policy

Jury Composition and Nullification

Does jury composition influence the outcome of a case? Why? Explain how the jury composition may influence the outcome of a case and to what extent. Provide a rationale and examples to support your view. Can a jury be influenced by the prosecution or the defense? If yes, how? If no, why? Analyze whether jury nullific

Plea Bargaining

One of the arguments for the abolishment of plea bargaining is that when a defendant pleads guilty, the court does not have the opportunity to scrutinize the police investigation in the case to ensure that the police conformed to the law. In the context of this statement, do you think adequate mechanisms are in place, either

Jury Trial

You are facing a jury trial because the corporation you work for has accused you of fraud and embezzlement. If found guilty, you could serve up to 10 years in prison. The court is piloting a new program that allows defendants to choose some characteristics that are present in the jury of their peers. Which three characteri

The application of the Fourth Amendment

In an encounter, if there is a seizure, in deciding whether there has been a "Terry stop" does the Court ask whether the defendant personally felt he or she was unable to leave? Why or why not? Justify your response distinguishing between an investigator stop and a seizure. Explain whether the test for a seizure is subjective or

Change in Criminal Justice Agencies

A growing number of entry-level criminal justice practitioners have college degrees. Will the advanced education of these practitioners create a greater or lesser resistance to change from with criminal justice agencies and why?

Smart Perimeter Mapping

You are the warden of a new maximum security prison and would like to have smart perimeters installed, but the state is in the middle of cut backs on the budget. You must write a proposal to the state legislature and explain the following: 1.) What smart perimeter mapping is 2.) How this type of mapping will be used and how

The Consequences of Juvenile Courts

What recommendations for juvenile courts does Field offer that would not necessitate abolishing them? Why does he dismiss them, preferring instead to abolish juvenile courts altogether? Do you agree? Why or why not? Article: Child Murder Committed by Severely Mentally Ill Mothers: An Examination of Mothers Found Not Guil

Consequences of a separate juvenile court system

Law professor Barry C. Field contends that creating a separate juvenile court system has resulted in unanticipated negative consequences for America's children and for justice. Take an either for or against stance to this argument. Discuss the good and bad points of these arguments. Article: Child Murder Committed by Se


Discuss victimology and how technology has changed over the past 20 years, and has created circumstances that can increase a person's chance of being victimized.

Jewish Hate Crimes

? Provide a brief description as to what specific factors serve as the basis for victimization towards Jewish people. ? Identify applicable case examples. ? List restorative justice models that could be used for Jewish people. ? Explain the benefits and challenges of the use of restorative justice. ? Select a contemp

Critical Issues to Apprehend Criminals Discrimination

There have been instances where law enforcement officials have singled out persons of particular races or ethnicities for security checks citing the necessity of such security measures, specifically in the post-9/11 scenario. Do you think the potential for discrimination outweighs the need for using profiling to apprehend crimin

Punishment for Sex Offenders

Discuss the constitutional issues with regard to some extreme methods of punishing dangerous sex offenders, such as castration and permanent civil confinement. Are these methods really not punitive measures as the courts have suggested? What potential rights are at stake here?

Racial Profiling

Present your views on the statement that "it is the job of the police to catch criminals, and they know from experience who is likely to be an offender." Specifically examine racial profiling in your response.

Advancements in Criminal Justice Field

Identify three changes expected in the criminal justice field over the next 50 years and analyze the current state of the area or issue, the effect it will have on the criminal justice system, and your opinion whether or not it is beneficial or detrimental to society as a whole.

Police Power

In this solutin the origins of the power that police have is discussed beginning with the fact that the power of policing the population is first issued through legislative measures that criminalize or outlaw certain behaviors. In-depth discussion on this and its relation to the constitution is provided.

Highway Patrol: Case Study

George is a college student in North Carolina. Every weekend, he drives into Georgia to visit his family. George's family is well-respected and are influential members of their community. They are wealthy enough to give George a good education and supply him with an upscale, flashy, and expensive automobile. George is very re

Correctional System as a Tool for Punishment & Rehabilitation

The U.S. correctional system can serve two specific functions in relation to criminal offenders. First, it can serve as a tool for punishing the offender and making the offender pay for his/her crimes. Second, it can serve as a means to rehabilitating the offender and preparing him/her for successful reentry into society. 1.

This post addresses topics in crime and criminal law.

Do you think it is beneficial for criminal justice professionals to agree that crime is "functional" in nature? Why? How could crime help private business? Identify 10 industries or companies that could benefit from crime. Are there problems inherent in organizations benefiting from criminal activities? Why? Should or

Exclusionary Rule

Some conservative commentators and a few judges say that the exclusionary rule is no longer necessary to deter police misconduct. You work as a lawyer in a local law firm. Your supervisor asks you to analyze the utility of the exclusionary rule: A list of the possible remedies when the police violate a defendant's constitutio