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Criminal Law and Justice

The Court System

The courts can assist in recidivism reduction efforts by using empirically tested assessment tools to assist the judge with making sentencing decisions. 1) What are 2 tools that are used within the court systems? 2)What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? 3) How does the risk principle apply and how can it

Courtroom Participants' Professional Standards

Courtroom Participants' Professional Standards Research on the Internet and locate at least one real-life example of each of the following: - Prosecutorial misconduct - Ineffective assistance by criminal defense counsel - Judicial misconduct Summarize each example and address the following questions: - What did the

Duties and Roles of those in Court

* Identify the duties, role, and ethics of the prosecutor. * Describe examples of prosecutorial misconduct. * Identify the duties, role, and ethics of the defense attorney. * Describe examples of ineffective representation of counsel. * Identify the duties, role, and ethics of judges. * Compare the various methods

Courtroom Participation Chart

I just need your ideas in regards to the attached chart. Courtroom Participant Chart Complete the following chart. What are the individual's responsibilities in the courtroom process? Why is it important for these responsibilities to be fulfilled adequately? (Consider the effect of overzealousness as compared with the

Etiology of Crime

The etiology of crime is a fascinating area of study that has become more and more popular over the past 10 years. Before criminal psychology became popular, each area of study was kept separate; sociology, criminology (which was strictly sociologically based in the U.S.), psychology, forensics, psychiatry, neurology, victimolog

Crime and Economic Conditions

I need a jump start in the area of Crime and Economic Conditions. My reading is from books Theoretical Criminology, George Vold, Thomas Bernard,and book Constructions of Deviance. Or the other subject is Biological Factors and Criminality from the same books.

Criminological Theories and Research

What are the major types of criminological theories? How are they similar? How are they different? What is criminological research? What provides discipline in the research process? Why is such discipline important? What are similarities and differences between qualitative and quantitative research? Which one has a more

Role of the CIA in domestic counterterrorism efforts

What is the role of the CIA in domestic counterterrorism efforts (both domestic and international terrorism)? How has that role changed to its current status? What is the legal basis for this requirement of having an agency authorized to engage in domestic investigations involved in overseas contingency operations? Based on

Defense Attorneys

1. What is judicial selection? How important is the relationship of judicial selection to the other courtroom participants? How can this relationship be improved? 2. What tasks are normally undertaken by a defense attorney? How do members of the public view defense attorneys? How do the clients of those attorneys tend to see

Ferae Naturae Property Rights

Case 1 : Pierson v. Post - What the case about? - What is the role of each party in this case? - What is the argument? - Who is liable? Case 2: Ghen v. Rich - How you owe a will? - What the case about? - What is the role of each party in this case? - What is the argument? - Who is liable? __________________________

How are serial killers treated in other countries?

Most people in the U.S. would choose the death penalty or life in prison for a serial or mass murderer. Choose two multiple murderers from other countries. How do the laws regarding multiple murder in the countries you chose differ from those in the U.S.? Do accused murderers have rights in the other countries? What kind o

Violence Against Police Officials

Why is it important to remember those officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice? What effect does this remembrance have on police officers? What effect does it have on the community? What are the statistics, over the last three years, for assaults on police officers and line-of-duty deaths of police officers? Make sure to

Prescription Abuse

Need help with a very large paper about how Walgreens or other pharmacies along with the Drug Enforcement Administration assist in surveillance in the fight against drug abuse of controlled substances. I really need help on how the DEA connects as being an agency that is health related and how they investigate over prescribing a

Three Strikes Laws

Three strikes laws are punitive and controversial in nature. Politicians commonly highlight such laws to garner support during their election campaigns by presenting a tough approach toward controlling crime. On the other hand, there are police officers who may face increased violent resistance from hardened criminals who would

The decision making process within a judicial setting

As a judge, you possess the ultimate decision making authority in handing down sentences to offenders. A young criminal justice student has requested to interview you for a departmental journal. The student is curious about the decision making process within a judicial setting and asks you to describe your approach. The student

Investigating Terrorism

In times of war, Americans have questioned the loyalty of immigrants from an enemy nation, and sometimes they have made such persons victims of terrorism. Trace the rise of anti-German legislation and vigilante activities that occurred in the United States throughout World War I.

Relationship between Police Agencies and Government

How does the relationship between the government and the police impact the criminal justice system as a whole? Does the criminal justice system need more or less of a relationship with the government to be effective?

Solitary Confinement Policy

While incarcerated, an incarcerated offender disobeyed the rules by fighting with other inmates. As a result of the rule infraction, he was placed in solitary confinement for a period of 10 days. During incarceration, he has decided to become a jail house attorney. He has been in the law library daily learning his rights. In the

Mass Murders - Criminal Justice System

Over the years, the Criminal Justice System in the U.S. has changed from a rehabilitative model in the early 1900s to a punitive model, and now it is swinging back towards the direction of rehabilitation. Some of the new laws created to deal with perpetrators who commit multiple homicides may be in question because the use of ca

The Blue Curtain and the Public's Perception of the Police

1. The term blue curtain or blue wall has been associated with police officers protecting one another from internal or external investigations. Why is there such a thing and how prevalent do you think it is? Is a separate society a part of any profession? Do you believe that a civilian review board might better serve the interes

Court History and Purpose

Court History and Purpose - Describe a court and its purpose. - Define the dual court system. - Describe the role that early legal codes, the common law, and precedent played in the development of courts. - Identify the role of courts in criminal justice today.

Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems of Justice

1. What is the difference between the adversarial system of justice and the inquisitorial systems of justice that have been used in the past? 2. How did the right to a jury trial develop? What implications does the right to a jury trial have in the American system of justice? Provide examples.

Current Cybercrime

Describes a cybercrime trend that society is confronted with today. Address the following key elements: - What types of scams are associated with the cybercrime? - What might the profile be for a cybercriminal who commits this type of cybercrime? - What are law enforcement initiatives to combat this crime? - What are p

Pregnant Inmates' Infant-Mother Program

During the intake and classification at an institution, a classification officer recommends the offender, who is a pregnant offender for a bank robbery, for the ABC program. The ABC program allows infants to stay with their mother for a period of time during incarceration. Locate one infant-mother program. 1) What are the

Perspective of the Perpetrator: the Victim's Role

Analyze the role of the victim from the perspective of the perpetrator. To what extent was the victim responsible for the crime? How did the victim provoke the perpetrator? In addition, how could the victim(s) and their families have prevented being singled out as a target? Was the final sentence given to the perpetrator j

Serial Killer Typologies

Please help providing answers for the following questions: 1. Identify a serial murder case. 2. Provide a brief summary of the case detailing information concerning the crime. 3. What are the demographics of victimization in the case you have chosen? 4. What method(s) was/were used by the perpetrator to select the victim?

Radical Special Interest Groups: Grievances, Goals, and Tactics

Identify a group that emerged in the counter-culture of the 1960s and 1970s. What were the stated grievances of this group? What were their goals and tactics? Identify 3 different groups that emerged during the 1960s and 1970s that resorted to violence to achieve their goals. What were their stated grievances and goals? Wha

U.S. Death Penalty Policy

Find 5 cases that have had an impact on the death penalty. Provide a brief summary of each case, the constitutional issues, and judgment. Where is the death penalty today? How has each of your selected cases related to the current U.S. death penalty policies? Would you seek the death penalty in the of police officer murde

Police Organizations Questions

Why is it important for the "police to police themselves?" What is the process to report police misconduct to the police? What is the internal affairs process for your specific agency? In what ways have these processes and procedures been impacted by police actions that were illegal or had constitutional implications? Cite ne