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Crime and Economic Conditions

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I need a jump start in the area of Crime and Economic Conditions. My reading is from books Theoretical Criminology, George Vold, Thomas Bernard,and book Constructions of Deviance. Or the other subject is Biological Factors and Criminality from the same books.

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The crime and economic conditions are examined. The biological factors and criminality from the same books are determined.

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The use of biological factors in criminology is not a new phenomenon because since Lombroso, criminologists have been attempting to equate biological monikers with criminality attempting to predict who may become criminals in society. The problem with this methodology is that the potential for human bias to prey upon those in society who are considered more criminal prone is well established with minorities and others who are of the lower socioeconomic classes being disproportionately classed as potential offenders. Lombroso proved this in his early experiments and the current research that will be shown in this summary also leads toward concluding that biological markers more associated with those in lower socioeconomic classes are supposedly representative of people more prone to criminality.

The impetus for this summary will rest upon refuting these theories because they are extremely dangerous and borderline racist in their approach to criminality. I firmly believe that criminology's transition from the Lombroso school of thought was correct and regressing because of alleged scientific advances is treading on dangerous ground for humanity and society. I will lay out the evidence acquired from research and provide a position that is supported by the research opposed to biological markers serving as the conduit for determining potential criminals.

Lee Ellis. A Theory Explaining Biological Correlates of Criminality ...

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