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Decisions to ascertain within a judicial setting

As a judge, you possess the ultimate decision making authority in handing down sentences to offenders. A young criminal justice student has requested to interview you for a departmental journal. The student is curious about the decision making process within a judicial setting and asks you to describe your approach. The student also wants to know what factors are most useful to you in making a sentencing decision.

Because of time constraints, you are unable to set an appointment with the student and, therefore, offer to prepare a one- to two-page response in Word, explaining your approach to the decision making process in your capacity as a judge. In your response, include the following points:

- A brief description of the judicial setting, commenting on the courts in general
- The steps to reach a sentencing decision
- Two factors you would take into account when determining a sentence
- The end process in reaching a final decision

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The judicial setting is predicated upon precedent set forth by the constitution and prior rulings made by the Supreme Court establishing the setting of lower courts in general. These decisions and the constitutional allowance of states and local legislatures to police their jurisdictions develop the paradigms for sentencing of criminal infractions. Therefore, when a case is presented before the court, the ...

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This solution briefly describes the decision-making process that judges make in their professional capacity as the judge in the courtroom environment.