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Experimental Design, Rival Causal Factors, Etc.

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Please help me with an assignment by providing sample responses to the given questions.

Imagine that you were being paid by a criminal justice agency to conduct research.
1. What topic would you study?
2. What experimental design would you use? Why?
3. What rival causal factors (internal validity and external validity) would you control for?

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This solution provides a sample of answers to experimental design questions. Additionally, the solution provides one reference source for further investigation of the given topic.

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1. The topic I would study is the disproportionate sentencing laws in relation to crack cocaine and powder cocaine offenses. This is a current policy that allows for a disproportionate quantity of minority offenders to be sentenced for crack cocaine offenses to prison than those caught with higher amounts of powdered cocaine. Before President Obama changed the ratio to 18 to 1 wherein an offender would have to be caught with 18 times more powdered cocaine to receive the same sentence as ...

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