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Neighborhoods and Crime

I need help with a summary of Neighborhood and Crime. The texts are George Vold; Theoretical Criminology and Construction of Deviance by Adler and Adler.

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The summary in this work can be categorized as the social conflict theoretical framework that bests explains the causes of criminal behavior. Within Void's theoretical thesis he placates the causes of deviance and crime are subject to who is labeling the laws and enforcing the statutes established against behavior that is deemed unlawful in society. Quintessentially, those in power who are able to maintain and control the political process have the autonomy to control who are deemed criminal in society.

The labeling of criminals under the social conflict theory emanates from the fact that humans are competitive in nature, competing for the scant resources on the planet and for prestige and power. Under this auspice, those who have political power can create legislative measures to ensure that through crime and punishment, their power is maintained. Criminals are labeled by marginalizing the narrative on who are criminals to a selected group or groups that may infringe upon the power held by those ...

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A summary of neighborhoods and crime are examined. The texts of George Vold, theoretical criminology and constructions of deviance by Alder and Adler is examined.