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Molestation Charge Repercussions

Robert agrees to a plea bargain to plead guilty to a lesser assault charge and lesser charges of fondling in the case of his daughter. The DA agrees to drop the stalking charges. Robert is given six months probation and ordered to attend anger management and batterer classes and to maintain a distance of at least 200 ft from Alice and Serena.

Discussed potential repercussions and dangers involved in this court's decision,
What is an action plan to address the following:
- Definition and scope of the problem
- Need for interagency involvement
- Training for all involved individuals
- Treatment programs
- Housing needs
- Public education
- Summary and timeframe

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Discussed potential repercussions and dangers involved in this court's decision

The plan is problematic if the offender does not intend to become reformed. An order of protection does not protect the person who is supposed to be protected if you have a motivated offender.

- Definition and scope of the problem

The problem is that Robert is a habitual offender who is also a sexual predator that has fondled his own daughter. Therefore, the seemingly minor restrictions imposed upon him do not adhere to the seriousness of his offenses.

- Need for interagency involvement

The idea that you could receive interagency involvement for domestic violence and sexual abuse cases involving children is a bit farfetched. Too many cases exist involving the inability of agencies to prevent either ...

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The molestation charge repercussion is examined. The need for interagency involvement is discussed.