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Criminal Law and Justice

Sentencing and Neoclassicism

The foundation of the American criminal judicial system is to appropriately impose punishment on an individual based on the crime committed against society or an individual. In saying this, sentencing is deeply rooted in the concept of Neoclassicism. According to Abadinsky (2012). Name and discuss the three areas of Neoclassici

Classicalism and Social Contract's Influence on Probation and Parole

Though there have many theories that have impacted our probation and parole system that is currently in effect today, that of classicalism and social contract are said to have one of the biggest impacts. According to Abadinksy (2012), the concept of classicalism. Explain Classicism and Social Contract and how they influence pro

Crimes by police officers

Over the course of history we've seen many law enforcement agencies become the focal point of investigations for committing crimes. Discuss whether or not crimes by polices officers are a problem. 280 words with reference.

Two Types of Supreme Court Decisions

Discuss the two types of Supreme Court decisions and which one may be preferable over the other. Also, provide a personal opinion to which one is preferred and why.

Incorporation and the Bill of Rights

Could you help me with an assignment by writing about this topic and providing me with source for further research?: Summarize the leading views regarding incorporation and whether or not incorporation is running amok. Additionally, review whether or not the Supreme Court should have been more restrictive in terms of incorpor

Law Enforcement: History of Policing

Trace the history of policing from the Metropolitan Police Department in England to early American law enforcement. Explain some of the reasons that led to the establishment of organized police departments. Explain how early American departments were influenced by the British Metropolitan Police Department. Explain how ear

Expenditures in Research

You work as an analyst for a research agency. You have been asked to make recommendations on the budgets of the three components of criminal justice: the police, corrections, and courts. Discuss the amount of expenditure of each of the three components. Do you agree with the current breakdown of spending, in which the police sp

Analysis of Different Policing Roles

You are a sergeant in a police department that employs forty sworn officers and spends most of its time simply responding to calls for service. Your chief asks you to analyze the different roles in policing, including law enforcement, order maintenance, miscellaneous services, and convenience norms. On which of the four roles sh

Tennessee vs. Reeves Case

During the case of Tennessee versus Reeves in 1993 the court was faced with a controversial case that involved two middle school students, Reeves and Coffman, and the attempted murder of their homeroom teacher. The Tennessee court had to make a decision to whether or... Discuss the case of Tennessee v. Reeves in 1993. Discuss

Inchoate Crimes

In any case where there is more than one person involved in a crime, one of the parties might try to utilize the "wrong place, wrong time" theory as it relates to the crime. However, our judicial system sees this as an inchoate offense and/or parties. Inchoate crimes are also... ? Define and discuss inchoate offences. Discus

Petition for Second Degree Murder

The American judicial system is a web of courts that are limited to legislative acts as it relates to an individual's Constitutional right. In saying this, Ann Marie Reynolds filed a petition under RSA 651:20 in 1986 to have her sentence suspended for second degree murder... Discuss Ann Marie Reynolds case when she filed a pe

Failing to Notify a Sexual Partner of Being HIV-Positive

The capstone case of People v. Jensen was one of many cases in our judicial history that questions the culpable state of mind for an individual should they fail to notify the other person during sexual intercourse of their HIV-positive state. In your response, discuss the results of this case, why the court made that verdict,

Politicians and Equal Treatment

One of the most argumentative subjects among society is whether or not politicians are treated equal if they're found guilty of a criminal act. In saying this, the rule of law is often questioned if whether or not it's truly implemented. The article on Former Illinois Governor George Ryan... Discuss whether or not politicians

Differences Between Criminal and Civil Cases

The American judicial system is a spiderweb of courts that deal with criminal and civil cases on a daily basis. In saying this, society must understand how to pursue different routes in order to rectify issues and concerns as it relates to the individual or society at large. Discuss the major differences between criminal and

Criminal Justice Data Collection

Discuss the major differences between the various methods that are used to collect criminal justice data? What are these methods and which is the best?

Forensic Science in 21st-Century Criminal Justice

Include a discussion of the following questions: - How important is forensic science to policing and criminal investigations, court processes, and security efforts at various levels? Explain your rationale in a historical approach. - How accurate is the popular media representation of forensic science? How does this influe

Computer Crimes: categories, threats, prevention

Explain in detail the four (4) common categories of computer crimes and provide at least one (1) example for each. Determine which of these categories of computer crimes presents the greatest overall threat at the present time and why you perceive this to be the case. Address what the U.S. government, court systems, and la

Types of Team Presentations

May I please get some help in creating a 3 slide presentation on how the Federal Investigation Bureau benefit or might benefit from adopting the four types team? Using the four team types giving below please be sure to include a Introduction and conclusion slide. Problem-solving teams Self-Managed Work Teams Cross-

Globalization, Government, Diversity and Communication

History 1 Discuss the pros and cons of globalization and its impact on the United States. What has helped or hurt America's case for influence around the world? Have you felt that globalization affects you personally in your community or at your workplace? If so how? If not, why not? 2 The United States' general position i

The American Judicial System

The American judicial system is based on the foundation of sentencing and rehabilitation of criminals in order to reduce recidivism. In saying this, the corrections system must be able to carry out punishment and rehabilitation sentencing of those involved in the court system. Just as any other industry, the corrections system m

Presentence Investigation

Every person on trail by the American judicial system is entitled to a fair trial; regardless of the crime they are being tried for. In saying this, members of the judicial system must ensure that the defendant's rights are carried out based on their Constitutional rights in order to uphold fair treatment. Judges often use prese

Passport and Justice

Amanda Knox was an American student in her early 20s studying abroad at a university in Perugia, Italy. In November, 2007 she was arrested, later charged and in 2009 she was found guilty of the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. This case received exclusive media attention all over the world. Much discussion has been ha

Justice and the Criminal Justice System

Justice seeks to make things right. The idea of justice is based on ethics, equality, human rights, religion, and solidarity. John Rawls says that "justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought." Is justice the first virtue of the criminal justice system? Why or why not? Have your idea

Juvenile Justice Movement

Most juvenile offenders do not go on to commit crimes as adults. Most go on to live productive lives. Please give an overview of the history of the juvenile justice movement. Make sure to reference the progressive movement, the advent of juvenile court, the juvenile rights movement, and other pertinent movements within juvenile

Motivation and Acquired Needs

Hello, Can I please get some assistance in writing about how Acquired Needs applies to the motivation theories to the FBI workplace productivity? Is it achieving the desired results? The above theories should be defined and then the explanation of what exists should be clear. I am not sure how to start this. Any help would

Deterring Gang Membership 365 word essay with reference

As the American economy continues to spiral out of control and drive the unemployment rate up, we've seen an increase in gang activity that continues to harness this in communities abroad. In saying this, gangs are expanding their enterprises to rural communities to stay out of the light of gang enforcement agencies in major cit

Hate Crimes in America

As society continues to evolve and America becomes one of the largest culture melting pots in the world, we still deal with the dreaded hate crimes. However, hate crimes have evolved from focusing on minorities to a larger range of cultures to include homosexuality religion, and gender. I believe every generation deals with hate