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Criminal Law and Justice

Elements of a Guilty Plea

What are the elements of a guilty plea? Should someone be able to contest a guilty plea? Are the methods already in place effective? Why, or why not?

The Fifth Amendment's Double Jeopardy

Please help with the following problem: What is the meaning of double jeopardy? Describe when the Fifth Amendment's double jeopardy clause applies and does not apply under the Blockburger Rule.

Grand Juries in Different States

Why do you suppose grand juries operate in some states and not others? Should grand juries be the charging mechanism of choice across the country? Why, or why not?

The Case of Ernesto Miranda

What is your opinion of the Supreme Court's decision in Miranda? Is Miranda necessary? Why do you feel this way? Explain and support your position.

The Use of Diversion

One definition of diversion is "the halting or suspension before conviction of formal criminal proceedings against a person, conditioned on some form of counter performance by the defendant" (George, 1984). There are several reasons for the use of diversion. - List 3 reasons with an explanation for the use of diversion, and

Cyber-Victimization and Computer Crimes

What is cyber-victimization? Why has cyber-victimization become a growing issue in computer crimes? List and describe three examples of cyber-victimization and the influence of the crimes?

The Stop and Frisk Law

The U.S. Supreme Court has expanded the stop and frisk law in recent years based on landmark cases that impacted the categories listed in the course textbook. Some may feel that it hinders the scope of law enforcement officers, yet they may not understand that it expands. Do you believe that the Supreme Court has expanded sto

Drug Courier Profiling

Explain the concept of ‘drug courier profiling’, including your opinion on this practice. Suggest why the Supreme Court has not made a ruling on whether or not it is constitutional. Explain why (or why not) you think that race should be a factor profiling.

Warrantless Search and Seizure

One of the most controversial issues concerning our judicial system and law enforcement is that of search and seizures of automobiles during a traffic stop and/or the overall premise of automobile searches. The historic case of Carroll v. United States (267 U.S. 132, 1925). How can the automobile exception carved out in Carro

Hot Pursuit

Concerning hot pursuit, has the Supreme Court decided in favor of police or in favor of suspects? Why do you feel this way?

Probation and Parole for Sex Offenders

Devin is a deviant. He has been arrested and convicted of child pornography and attempting to lure little boys into his van that he keeps parked in an abandoned lot next to the park; to take their picture and have tea parties. He claims he would never hurt the little boys, but he just likes hanging out with kids. Devin holds a m

Caseload for Dealing with Sex Offenders

Of all the criminal offenders that a probation or parole officer must maintain positive control of, I would imagine a sex offender is one of the hardest based on the many stipulations and ordinances that are associated with the offense. Describe a typical caseload for an officer dealing with sex offenders. What are the parti

Success Within Probation and Parole

Throughout the course we've reviewed the duties and responsibilities of our probation and parole officers as it relates to individuals who are currently in the system. These probation and parole officers serve as the foundation of our judicial and corrections system in that they ensure the client. What constitutes "success" w

The War on Drugs

Since President Richard Nixon's inception of the "War on Drugs", our judicial, correction, and probation/parole system has been overwhelmed with harsher and higher conviction rates for offenders. How prevalent are drug offenders within the probation and parole system? What are the most commonly abused drugs?

Identity Theft and Digital Crime

Describe how identify theft can be the cause of digital crime and explain the theory in your own words as it relates to crime in general. Describe why identify theft could be recognized as the most relevant in terms of being a cause of digital crime. Provide at least two (2) examples of non-digital crimes that could be con

Closed-Security Prison - How to handle security lapses?

You are the new warden assigned to a closed-security prison. This prison has been overwhelmed with security lapses that have resulted in four escapes over the past 3 years. The assaults among inmates have risen 30% over the past year, and there have been two assaults on staff in the past 6 months. You have been assigned to resol

Drug Policy and the War on Drugs

In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to critically reflect on current issues within the criminal justice system and how they relate to contemporary policy making. Select and complete one of the following assignments: Option 1: Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation Option 2: Podcast Option 3: Paper In thi

Social Structure, Process and Development

Examining Theory You have the opportunity to examine the theoretical principles associated with sociological perspectives of crime. Select one: "Prostitution Among Immigration Routes" "Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone" "Tent City, Arizona" Select and complete one of the following form the about, selected: O

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal "Truth of Abu Ghraib" "Who is Psychopathic" "Murder Defense: Insanity" Resource: Classical School of Thought in Criminology located on the student website in Criminology in the 21st Century. Imagine the following scenario: You are the criminologist advisor to a member o

Reported Offenses in Two Different Metropolitan Areas

Crime Data Comparison Resource:  Films on Demand - "Crime and Punishment" - "Experiment Research and Design" - "Selecting a Sample" Resource:  Types of Crime videos in CJ Criminology - "Introduction to Crimes Kiosk" - "Defining and Measuring Crime" Resource: Criminology in the 21st Century - How Crimes

Ethical Dilemma from Current Story in the News

Discuss an ethical dilemma from a current story in the news. Address the following: The nature of the dilemma The ethical decision made Alternative courses of action and why The outcome of the situation.

Law Enforcement Training

Please help with the following problem. You have been assigned to head the officer training for your department. The chief has asked you to do an analysis of training and provide your views on the following types of training: Academy training Field training In-service training Briefly describe each type of training and y

Law Enforcement, Fitness and Agility

Physical agility standards for the police have been a long-time source of controversy. Proponents contend that agility and fitness are critical in law enforcement, while many opponents contend that agility and fitness are more important for firefighters than law enforcement. : What are the guidelines set by courts with regard

Shock Incarceration

The judicial system continues to review methods and approaches to reduce overcrowding of prisons and jails, burden on the taxpayer, and focus on recidivism. In saying this, the concept of shock incarceration has become a focal point of many state sentencing procedures in order to implement. What is shock incarceration? What purp

Probation and Parole: Intensive Supervision

Similar to our prisons and jails, probation and parole officers continue to have one of the hardest jobs in the judicial process. Tasked with ensuring that offenders are integrated back into the community while focusing on the rehabilitation aspect we continue to see new methods of attack. Describe how intensive supervision work

Prison Overcrowding

One of the biggest challenges that plagues our correction system is that of prison overcrowding. Our judicial and corrections system is continually looking for new ways to combat this issue as they embark on budget cuts due to state and federal funding. One way in which they've done this is implementing new incarceration methods

Exclusionary Rule in Probation and Parole

The greatest aspect of the American judicial system is the wide range of courts that deal with certain criminal and civil lawsuits. These courts are tasked with implementing laws and ensuring that constitutional rights are each citizen is upheld in these cases. Contrary to the lower courts is that of the highest. What is the Sup

Civil Liability for Probation and Parole Officers

As the American economy continues to find ways to recover from one of the biggest financial recessions in our history, budget cuts continue to plague law enforcement agencies, corrections, and probation/parole departments. These budget cuts have led to increased workloads. How can probation and parole officers be held civilly li