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Stresses In Police Work

Write a summary that educates future police officers about stress that is common in police work. Describe stress and the types of stress that are common in police work. In addition, describe some of the sources and effects of police stress.

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Regardless of the career field an individual works in, employee stress is the cause of mistakes the affects the work environment. Even more so, police officers work in the one of the most stressful industries in America. In saying this, mistakes in their career field can impact others in a dangerous manner. Below we'll discuss some of the causes of stress among police officers and what law enforcement agencies are doing to assist with this stress.

The foundation of any local, state, or federal system is based on the amount of funding they receive in order to maintain mission accomplishment in every task they complete. In saying this organizational sources of stress include, but not limited to, under-staffing, overtime, shift work, and supervisor demands that often impact the environment and are a contributing source of police officer's stress (Seiter, 2011, p.393). In addition to these organizational sources of stress, contributing factors of the job itself can lead to increased stress in officers. Threat of violence, inmate violence, and inmate manipulation can directly impact the officers stress level as well. This with the incorporation of organizational sources can greatly enhance ...

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The stresses in police work are determined.