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Prison System and Views

1. What are the different models of American prisons (Pennsylvania and Auburn)? How do these models differ? What would happen if there was only one model to follow?

2. What are the various forms of punishment exercised during the 1700's? Which criminal activities/events lead to these types of punishment(s)? Compare and contrast the criteria between various societies for criminal sentencing during the 1700's.

3. What are the principles of the classical school of criminology? Which principle had the most influence on the mission and history of corrections? Explain.

4. What are the arguments for and against weightlifting in prison? Do you believe that weightlifting in prison should be abolished? Explain.

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As you know, we can only give ideas, not direct answers. I can't give detailed information on every single point here. We CAN make your life easier by giving you the information you need to put together a rational answer:

1. The PA system was developed in 1829. It was almost monastic in its organization. The stress was on inmates being separate from each other, yet visible from a central source. This was taken from the Panopticon idea of Jeremy Bentham. Inmates had a small yard where they could work out or plant a garden. They had to have some sort of work or hobby.

The Auburn (NY) concept is far more common. Like many of the prison scenes we see on TV, the cells face one another, separated by a corridor. The prisoners only slept in these cells, and were placed in different work details. There was a sort of community atmosphere, and the work details differed by the day. The prisoners wore the famous black and white striped uniform to enforce conformity.

2. This is a very complex question and I can only give you the basics.
The prison system itself was horrid. Torture, rotten food and disease were all over the place. This led to a ...

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