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Office of Justice Programs

Write paper on a leadership model you feel should be implemented into a criminal justice agency administration. This model can be one that is currently discussed in literature or one you have personally created.

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For the agency, I chose The Office of Justice Programs, part of the Federal Department of Justice.

This is a crucial institution in the criminal justice field at the federal level. This is because it deals with innovation in the fight against crime.

One of its central missions is to develop new technologies against crime, then share this with state and local governments. Some of these include enhanced record keeping systems, better protection for officers (such as vests, etc), and DNA technology.

One area that this agency is focusing on is clearing th backlog in cases using DNA technology. Since this kind of analysis is very labor intensive, far more cases are coming in than can be processed. In addition, the law states that all criminals arrested are required to give a DNA sample for entry into the database. This adds more work. Between 2005-2008, the OJP has financed new methods which have increased analysis capacity by about 300%. This has come through the use of robotic methods and new equipment that speeds up the process without sacrificing accuracy.

Here is their official publication on the problem:
Nelson, mark (2011) Making Sense of DNA Backlogs, 2010: Myths and Reality. Washington D.C. Office of Justice Programs.

While backlogs still exist, they are made mostly of recent cases. 10 years ago, they were much older cases that had gone cold.

Grants. This is the main way that the OJP funds laboratories. Giving them more money includes guidelines as to how to expand capacity.

Updating the software: CODIS. As of now, this database of DNA samples from criminals, arestees and crime scenes has well over 10 million entries. It is growing by the day. Lots of requests are made on the system, and hence, it constantly must be updated and made faster, more accurate and more powerful.

Contracting out: the Backlog Outsourcing Program uses private ...

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