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Criminal Law and Justice

Illegal Weapons Trafficking

As serious violent crimes continue to rise, so does that of illegal guns on streets throughout the nation. Street level gangs have become the primary focus of law enforcement agencies in order to deter weapon trafficking and reduce the amount of unsolved murders due to an illegal and untraceable weapons being used. Discuss and r

Research Theories and the Components of Theoretical Schemes

Theory defines, assumes, proposes, explains, and predicts what the research outcome is likely to prove (right or wrong). It is an integrated body of propositions, assumptions, and definitions that are related in explaining and predicting relationships between two or more variables. Theory could be any of the following: deductive

your thought and ideas

1. What is an example of technology that has affected the criminal justice system? How does this technological advancement enhance or challenge the effectiveness of communication within the various areas of the criminal justice system? 2. What is an example of a new technological advancement that has increased the effectivene

Jury Trials, Yes or No?

90 percent of all jury trials in the world take place in the United States. What if the United States did not have the right to trial by jury? How would the court system be different? Select one highly publicized case and either support the right for a trial by jury or argue against it. Finally, define jury nullification

How will an audience judge quality?

Hi, I am doing an expository essay on three strikes laws. I need some assistance with this topic however. Can you explain to me what three strikes laws are and their background, as well as their use in the United States. I also need some ideas regarding ideals on how to keep an audience's attention when writing my essay on three

Understanding Leadership Styles and Types of Communications

Leadership styles and motivational techniques are varied as well as specific to individuals. An understanding of leadership styles can help you understand your role in the organization that you work for at the entry level, as part of your criminal justice employment. 1) Assume that you were recently promoted to a supervisory

Technology and Communication Advancements in the Criminal Justice System

Explains how technology has affected the communication capabilities of specialized databases in the criminal justice system. Include the following in your paper: A comparison of at least two types of specialized databases, such as the following: - Mobile data terminals - AFIS - Live scan < - Facial recognition - Iris

Community Policing and Politics in the 1990s 324 words with reference

The early 1990s brought a new approach called community policing in order to combat the increasing rate of violent crimes throughout the U.S. During this same time frame the Nation was going through the Presidential campaign trail. Obviously, incumbents put crime control at the forefront of the agenda if elected to empathize wit

Methods of Crime Control: Community Policing

As violent crime (murder, rape, robbery) rates began to peak in the early 1990s, legislation had to take a new approach in regulating the war on crime. In addition to crime rates increasing, the fear of crime ran ramped through our communities. It was obvious that state legislation didn't have the budget or resources to combat t

Trials for Juvenile Crimes

The argument between society and the judicial system to as whether or not juveniles should be tried as an adult has and will be always be a continuous venue for debate. The mind-state, circumstances, and type of crime committed by the juvenile will often dictate whether or not he or she is tried as an adult. Discuss options w

Should Juveniles be Tried as Adults?

The argument between society and the judicial system to as whether or not juveniles should be tried as an adult has and will be always be a continuous venue for debate. The mind-state, circumstances, and type of crime committed by the juvenile will often dictate whether or not he or she is tried as an adult. 1. Discuss what d

The Right to Appeal 325 word essay with reference

The structure and foundation of our court system is grounded that every person is entitled to a fair and swift trial. However, there have been those cases in which the law wasn't upheld and the defendant felt they didn't receive a just trial (often based on evidence, jury, court actions, or law). Furthermore, it's the person's r

Philosophies of Punishment 525 word essay with reference

Punishment has long been an argumentative subject within our judicial system. The primary focus of punishment is to deter one from conducting deviant behavior before it happens. In saying this, there are those who argue that the court system continually hands down extreme and cruel punishment for crimes. Punishment has long been

Courtrooms and Sentencing

In any courtroom, regardless of the crime in question, the inevitable sentencing process is a direct reflection of the court proceedings that occurred. Whether a bench trial or trial by jury, the climatic sentencing often brings calmness and silence to those present in the court room. Discuss what organizational, legal, and

Impact of Jurors 340 word essay with reference

One of the most vital roles during a trial is that of a juror. Tasked with deciphering the truth from lies based on arguments from both parties, including their evidence and statements, these citizens hold the livelihood of a person in their hands. Of all the tasks imposed on jurors, the deliberation process to hand down a sound

Bail within Judicial System 470 word essay with reference

The bail system is a unique aspect of our judicial system. When a person commits a crime, bail may then be set under the guidelines this "criminal" will report for the hearing, and he/she goes free to carry on with his/her life until the court date. Discuss whether or not suspects should be allowed to post bail if they are a

Attrition Rate in Judicial System

Discuss the attrition rate in the judicial system and whether or not this is a possible shortcoming of our legal systems as we know it. Include references.

Influence of Trial by Jury 395 word essay with reference

The American judicial system has gone through numerous changes over the course of history. However, the concepts in which it was founded on seem to exist today, but in a current format. Understandably, these concepts are still used today to streamline our judicial system in order to maintain pace with deviant behavior in society

Roles and Responsibilities of a Judge 380 word essay with reference

Faced with one of the most challenging and important jobs in the United States, the role of the judge (local, state, or federal) is the most vital position in our judicial system. Whether appointed or elected, these men and women are tasked with ensuring that fair and speedy trials take place, proper court etiquette is conducted

Process of Elaboration During Investigations 230 word essay with reference

During the course of any investigation or study, one must ensure he/she takes every step to ensure that facts and assumptions are accurate. Variables and factors (internal/external) must be displayed and conveyed to the reviewer within the table and/or legend. In saying this, researchers often utilize elaboration to test these v

Simulations in Criminal Justice Research 325 word essay with reference

The criminal justice field utilizes many different methods to collect research data in order to analyse certain trends. Simulations are one of those methods and serves many different purposes. Define and discuss the usefulness of simulations as data gathering strategies in the field of criminal justice research. 325 word essa

Pros and Cons of National Crime Victimization Survey 445 word essay with reference

One of the most criticized criminal surveys within the criminal justice field is that of the National Crime Victimization Survey. Just as any other tool within the industry, the survey has pros and cons in regards to criminal justice research. Define and discuss how the National Crime Victimization Survey is conducted and what