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Three-Strikes Sentencing

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Please provide assistance completing a three-strikes sentencing analysis which addresses the following:

1. The effect of the selected sentencing policy on all involved stakeholders.
2. The role of the courts in creating or enforcing the policy.
3. Any recommendations to change the policy and an explanation of why you would make these changes.

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The solution completes a three-strikes sentencing analysis.

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1. Those impacted the most by three-strike laws are the offenders, their families, and as well, very little benefit toward the community exists. The community is saddled with increasingly higher costs for incarcerating non-violent offenders, many of them drug offenders that were not intended to be ensnared within the parameters of the original intent of the law. The families who are destroyed because their relative has been sentenced for 20 years after stealing a few CD's because of a previous felony that may have not even been ...

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