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Criminal Procedures

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What is the meaning of three-strikes-and-you're-out? What are some of the problems associated with this legislation and has it proven to be effective?

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The meaning of three-strokes and you're out is analyzed. The problems associated with legislation is determined.

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One of the most controversial laws perceived by many in our society is that of the three strikes you're out law. The concept of the statutes is that if a person commits three felonies their automatically committed to a lifetime of imprisonment. Though the law seems harsh to many, it's been effective in nature by taking hardened criminals out of the community. However, like any law it still has its pro's and con's. Below we'll discuss the pros and cons of the three strikes law as well as the meaning and some legislative problems associated with it. Additionally, we'll review whether or not the law has been effective in today's judicial system.

Those that oppose the three strikes law believe it's nothing more than burden on the tax payer. Because the law doesn't differentiate between felony or misdemeanor and just three criminal convictions, this leads to prison overcrowding and ultimately ...

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