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Grand Larceny: Returning Stolen Money

Michelle worked two jobs as a security guard in Phoenix, Arizona. She was walking outside the building where she works at 6:30 AM, Monday, when two bundles of money fell out of an armored truck en route to a bank. Inside the bundles was approximately $500,000. Michelle had an inheritance that would post to her bank account on Wednesday. She decides to take the day off and head to Las Vegas to play poker. Unfortunately, Michelle lost all of the money she gambled, but luckily, as expected, on Wednesday, her inheritance was paid. Michelle turned all of the $500,000 in to the FBI on Thursday morning, three days after finding it.

According Florida this constitutes grand larceny, however I am having a hard time wrapping my thoughts as to exactly what charges could be brought. Do you have knowledge of any cases I could refer too?

Include references.

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Florida, just like many other states in the union, have different levels of what actually constitutes larceny and what level of larceny is committed. In this case, Michelle took private property that fell off an armored truck that was en route to a bank. At this time the private property ($500,000) belonged to the armored truck company because it was in their possession. The first argument a court can make against her is that she worked not only one, but two different security jobs. In turn, the prosecution can argue that she knew ...

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