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Criminal Procedure Analysis

Criminal Procedures -Analysis Problem:
Mayor Chen cradled the small cardboard box in his arms all the way home. This little jewel would make history in Legalville. Not only that, it would also clinch his reelection. He had promised to make Legalville a cultural center in spite of other cities in the state the bragged about their fine concert halls art galleries. The museum had been set up in an unused upper floor of the library and was starting to look convincing with the donated artifacts and paintings that he had bagged from a few local professors and business people who were travelers and collectors. But the object in box, this priceless pre-Columbian son god of hammered gold, would authenticate the whole project. Mayor Chen chuckled to himself as he thought how he had cajoled a major insurance company into making the donation, how foxy he had been to have them send it from their headquarters by regular parcel post so as not to draw attention to it, and how he would shine beside it at the unveiling party tonight at his home.
Max Legrise sat at a polished teak desk making final assignments. Eddie Corr would drive the van, Henry Pogue would stand lookout, and Cat Bermuda would slip into the mayorâ??s drawing room and remove the idol while it lay unattended as the mayor received guests in the front hall. He thanked lmp Satterfield for her impeccable research into the job and Barney Dobson foe weapons procurement, then adjourned to the work of the evening.
Lacey Rude smoothed the apron of her maidâ??s uniform and peeked at the crowd gathering at the front hall. There was still time before she would be required to arrange trays of refreshments in the dining room. On quiet rubber soles she was soon in the empty drawing room. She hid the idol under her apron and was halfway to the kitchen when a heavy object struck the back of her head.
Pandemonium reigned around the empty pedestal in the drawing room. Mayor Chen fought to keep from sobbing as he told all he knew to the police. There was quiet exultation around the teak desk at Cat told of success in spite of unexpected difficulties. A year later the Legrise gang was reassembled in the custody of police.
Assume that all the facts noted in this Case are correct for the purposes of the two questions below.
1. What, if anything, could Cat Bermuda be convicted of?

2. What, if anything, could Lacey Rude be convicted of?

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1. Due to the circumstances of this case, Cat could indeed be convicted of aggravated battery for striking Lucy, due to the fact that aggravated battery involves the striking of an individual with a potentially deadly object. Due to the fact that the object ...

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