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    Criminal justice and racial issues

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    Racial minorities make up a very small proportion of the lawyers and judges in the United States. What accounts for this? What difference, if any, would it make if more of the lawyers representing criminal defendants were racial minorities? Support your answer.

    Evidence suggesting that prosecutors use their peremptory challenges to preserve all-white juries in cases involving African American or Hispanic defendants has led some commentators to call for the elimination of the peremptory challenge. What do you think is the strongest argument in favor of eliminating the peremptory challenge? In favor of retaining it? Make informed arguments for both sides.

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    Your request as I understand it:

    You need assistance in locating viable sources to approach an essay assignment that centers on the disparity in racial representation in the legal system.

    Specifically, you would like:
    1. Some help on some websites you can go to, or
    2. A jump start on this paper.

    Response from OTA Shawn Fagundes-Hansen:

    Here are some sites and sources I thought might help:

    1. The National Academies Press: http://darwin.nap.edu/books/0309068401/html/1.html
    "Racial Trends in the Administration of Criminal Justice" This is a 20 page article that seems very relevant to your topic.
    2. "Racial Profiling, Effective Law Enforcement, and the Effect on Minority Communities" This ...

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