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    Controversy of racial profiling

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    Describe the controversy surrounding racial profiling. Which side do you think has the strongest argument? Explain why.

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    Racial profiling is one of the most egregious and contentious debates in criminal justice. Some argue that the disproportionate arrests, stops, searches, and interactions of police with minorities are reflective of the higher incidents of crime in areas that are concentrated with majority populations of ethnic minorities while others including myself cite research that profiling is systemic throughout the criminal justice system. Racial profiling is controversial because it decimates the equality and justice tenets that are supposed to be integral for criminal justice. When police officers, who are the first criminal justice professionals to engage in profiling, profile minorities because of their perceived prejudices and ideals about a certain color, these officers trample upon the due process rights of these citizens.

    As a young Black male, I am someone who has firsthand knowledge and experience with ...

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