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Criminal Law and Justice

An overview of the criminal justice system

I need suggestions for 8-10 ppt slide presentation for students in the criminal justice program. I am just having a difficult time narrowing down to the most important to reflect on. My assignment is to give a ppt presentation at a local university to students enrolled in the criminal justice program. Could you help me narr

Comparative Criminal Justice System

Political culture and politicized justice form the basis for a better understanding of a comparative criminal justice system. Culture and political power structures that are present in a given country determines the behavior of the justice system in that country. Use newspapers, magazines, or the Internet to find some exam

Transnational Crime

Compare and contrast two separate cultures and ethnicities that harbor ill-will toward the United States. The two separate cultures are North Korea and Iraq. What are the roles that socialization and religion play in shaping the beliefs of these two cultures? Why are these particular beliefs formed in these two cultur

Can bank claim money from customer after 3 years due to bank error?

A bank paid a duplicate payment of interest to a sharehloder, then after three years the bank sent a letter to the holder asking for the money back. Is there any statue of limitaion on Bank error, and what is the penalty if the share holder refuse to return the money. Please provide supporting reference to your answer

Criminal investigation

Respond to each of the following four questions with detailed insightful responses based primarily on the course text and supported by other relevant, academically reliable sources if appropriate. What are methods of inquiry and how are they used in criminal investigation? What is the optimal mindset of an investigator an

Handling of Witnesses and Evidence

- Describe the handling of witnesses and evidence. - What would you as the investigator do to elicit the cooperation of this witness and collect evidence for the case? - Describe a useful interviewing situation

Crime Lab Overview

I have a scenario that if I am a consultant for a detectives squad and we are looking to upgrade the crime lab for the police department after receiving a large financial grant, what would the best course of action be to make this department the envy of the nation while supplying these new features to other agencies on a fee bas

Leadership in Criminal Justice

Provide detailed information and differentiate among the roles of the following areas in criminal justice leadership strategies and practices: organizational culture, behavioral theory, planning and community relations.

Explanation of the criminal justice system.

Explanation of the criminal justice system by describing the components of the criminal justice system, the criminal process, the definition of a crime, its relationship to the law, and its governmental structure.

Compare Peel's Metropolitan Police with Los Angeles Police Department

In 1829, Sir Robert Peel organized the Metropolitan Police in London, England; it was the first organized police agency of its kind. It was established along a military style command paradigm. Use the Library resources to research the Metro Police Department and the history behind its development. Compare and contrast the ag

Sir Robert Peel Review

Sir Robert Peel discovered that founding a city-wide police force was no easy task, but persisted and prevailed in doing so. He modeled the force after the Irish Constabulary and his model was first used in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.

A "Typical" Police Report and Investigation Statement of Identity Fraud

Today, many utility companies need only a few pieces of information to setup an account and turn on service. The type of information required is your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. What happens when a person gets a hold of another's information and sets up an account? This senario involves an actual ca

Social Theories

There are three different groups of social theories: social process theories, social development theories, and social conflict theories. These theories are discussed, basically including the primary differences between the three perspectives and the shortcomings of each. Suggestions include the kinds of social policy initiative


What are automobile search rules? How have the laws and rules of automobile search rules changed within the criminal justice system? What recommendations would you make regarding automobile search rules and laws? Explain.

Terrorism, Social Stigma, and Police Ethics

How has terrorism impacted the police mission in the U.S.? What disagreements exist regarding the appropriate law enforcement behavior which fights terrorism but maintains personal liberties? What role does social stigma play in police ethics? Give specific examples from your reading or your experiences where social stigma p

Equity in criminal justice

Explain how public defenders affect a defendant's experiences and court proceedings. What does the research suggest about public defenders? What can be done to improve the equity of defendant representation?

4th Amendment

I am doing a term paper on the rights given to us under the Fourth Amendment. I need to the name of two cases that I can actually compare and do a case brief on for this assignment.

Effects of Private Police on the Image of Public Police

Discuss the public relations image and professionalism of the private security industry. What are some examples from the article concerning the importance of private security industry members having the same level of professionalism as public law enforcement officers? How can a negative image impact the security of a community?

Hospitals and Airports

Attach is the reading for this assignment along with the appendix to refer to. The two settings that I have chosen are Hospitals and Airports. Choose two of the four settings from Ch. 9 and carefully review the accompanying summaries, bullet points, and floor plans. Security Assessment Directions Choose two setting