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Criminal Law and Justice

Facets of a guilty plea

What are the elements of a guilty plea? Can a guilty plea contested? How effective are guilty pleas?

Evaluate the right to counsel

How is the right to counsel significant, and what type of interpretation has it received from the Supreme Court?And what amendments are relevant?

Drug Courier Profiling

What is drug courier profiling? Why hasn't the Supreme Court not decided on the constitutionality of it? Should race be a factor in drug courier profiling?

Who may legally consent to a search?

What are the different consent searches. Are consent searches truly consensual? Is the tactic used by police called "Knock and Talk" merely a tactic or does it violate the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. May your children allow a search of your domicile since they also live there, and what about a spouse of another party

Analytical review of the criminal justice system

the courts a component of the criminal justice system - describe a problem/challenge and any recommendations for the future. The analysis should include a description of the problem, factors things that contributed to the problem, and any recommendation(s) for a solution, and how you would implement the solution.

Criminal Justice Careers

Web Research in Criminal Justice Need help in finding online internet resources,and conducting web research around a career in criminal justice. Based on the research, write about addressing the following: · describe the career profession that was chosen. · Provide an annotated web link library of we

Slander/Office Memorandum

Facts Tom Harris and Jake Carson had been sports and political leaders and rivals ever since high school. Throughout high school they competed at the same level vigorously and routinely came out in 1st or 2nd place regularly. This continued in college sports and leadership roles, but the issues came into play when they went t

Comparative Justice Systems

1. How does the United States use the various crime data sources that are available? 2. How is crime data used in various other countries? 3. To what extent can one country rely on crime data from other nations? How can crime data sources be reliable given the processes by which the data are collected? 4. What aspects

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

In 2008, the crime rate in Japan declined 4.7% from the previous year (Japan, 2009). This was the 6th year in a row the National Police Agency reported a decline. What factors might contribute to the relatively low crime rates in Japan when compared to the United States? What factors might contribute to Japanâ??s crime rates

How did the current criminal justice system in the United States evolve?

How did the current criminal justice system in the United States evolve? I want help in bring together how law started with the colonies and evolved to where it is today. What ideas did the colonists bring with them from England? Was the retention of prisoners' purpose for holding or punishment? Who invented incarcer

An overview of the criminal justice system

I need suggestions for 8-10 ppt slide presentation for students in the criminal justice program. I am just having a difficult time narrowing down to the most important to reflect on. My assignment is to give a ppt presentation at a local university to students enrolled in the criminal justice program. Could you help me narr

Comparative Criminal Justice System

Political culture and politicized justice form the basis for a better understanding of a comparative criminal justice system. Culture and political power structures that are present in a given country determines the behavior of the justice system in that country. Use newspapers, magazines, or the Internet to find some exam

Transnational Crime

Compare and contrast two separate cultures and ethnicities that harbor ill-will toward the United States. The two separate cultures are North Korea and Iraq. What are the roles that socialization and religion play in shaping the beliefs of these two cultures? Why are these particular beliefs formed in these two cultur

Bank claim money from customer after 3 years due to bank error

A bank paid a duplicate payment of interest to a sharehloder, then after three years the bank sent a letter to the holder asking for the money back. Is there any statue of limitaion on Bank error, and what is the penalty if the share holder refuse to return the money. Please provide supporting reference to your answer

Criminal investigation

Respond to each of the following four questions with detailed insightful responses based primarily on the course text and supported by other relevant, academically reliable sources if appropriate. What are methods of inquiry and how are they used in criminal investigation? What is the optimal mindset of an investigator an

Handling of Witnesses and Evidence

- Describe the handling of witnesses and evidence. - What would you as the investigator do to elicit the cooperation of this witness and collect evidence for the case? - Describe a useful interviewing situation

Crime Lab Overview

I have a scenario that if I am a consultant for a detectives squad and we are looking to upgrade the crime lab for the police department after receiving a large financial grant, what would the best course of action be to make this department the envy of the nation while supplying these new features to other agencies on a fee bas

Leadership in Criminal Justice

Provide detailed information and differentiate among the roles of the following areas in criminal justice leadership strategies and practices: organizational culture, behavioral theory, planning and community relations.