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Criminal Law and Justice

The Role of Parole in State Corrections

1. Discuss the role of parole in state corrections today. 2. How does it comare to the federal system? 3. Explain the puropse of parole and how a prisoner becomes eligible. 4. Explain the role of the parole officer. 5. Discuss the pros and cons of the parole system, with examples.

Biophysical analysis

An epileptic is brought to trial for assault. The lawyer argues that her client is not a criminal and that the assaults in questions were psychomotor attacks. She points out that her client takes her medication faithfully, but that it does not help. The prosecution lawyer argues that the defendant has a long history of violent a

Define Terrorism

Define Terrorism. Provide at least two definitions as provided by various federal agencies. Compare and contrast the two definitions. Why do you think the two federal agencies (you selected) have different definitions?

Bill of Rights and Legal Restraints

Please help with the following question. Explain how the Bill of Rights and democratically inspired legal restraints on the police help ensure personal freedoms in our society?

Procunier v. Martinez

case brief Procunier v. Martinez 1. TITLE 2. FACTS 3. ISSUES 4. DECISIONS 5. REASONING 6. DISSENTING OPINIONS

Escorting mentally ill prisoners

What concerns do you think face deputies and officers charged with escorting prisoners who are displaying signs of mental disorders?

Police Discretion

What is police discretion? How do internal an external mechanisms influence police discretion? Is there a better solution to improving police discretion?

How training and education needs are determined

Appropriate pre-service and in-service career education and training are essential for security personnel. How are training and education needs determined? Does training help to reduce civil and criminal liability? How?

Policies and Procedures for Important Roles

Policies and procedures play an important role in modern security and law enforcement agencies. Describe 3 common policies that most security agencies incorporate and the benefit of having these policies "in place".

basics of physical security

Outline and describe the basics of physical security. Include a discussion on the types of locking systems that could be employed and a description of outer and inner perimeter controls and the roles of protective lighting devices in your response.


Analyze the method of cyber-vigilantism; what are some examples? Is this method successful in preventing crime? Why or why not?

Electronic Forensic Analysis

Describe the steps that analysts must follow in order to prepare for an electronic forensic analysis. How do analysts ensure results are from evidence and not from contamination or error? Explain each step in detail.

Civil Service and Police Officers

What is the civil service system? How does the civil service system fit into the overall outlook of the policing and the the justice system? Compare the criteria between the civil service system and police officers.

Process, collect, and document a crime scene and preserve its evidentiary value.

What are two techniques that can be used to collect the bullet? Explain the techniques. In your own words, explain how you would collect and preserve both the bullet and the gun. What challenges can you see with regard to collecting projectile evidence? Explain. Can you think of any circumstance in which a lodged projectile

Philippine Government and terrorism

Explain the impact of the Philippine Government continuing its strong support for international cooperation against terrorism, and actively seeking to build a multilateral approach to counter- terrorism.

Heroin Production in Afghanistan

What impact does Afghanistan have on the world's supply of heroin? What does heroin production have to do with the economy of Afghanistan? How is heroin production tied to terrorism? What would you propose as a solution to this problem?