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Criminal Law and Justice

Should the federal courthouse doors be reopened to state prisoners?

Closed Doors - Should the federal courthouse doors be reopened to state prisoners, particularly those on death row, to ensure that justice is not short-circuited? Or should the federal courthouse doors remain as they are now, with only one federal review (unless the case presents an extraordinary issue)? Asked another way, where

Three components of the criminal justice system

All three components of the criminal justice system should work together to ensure proper and just adjudication of criminal offenders. QUESTIONS: How does the correctional facet affect the law enforcement facet of the system? How can the system be altered to eliminate the self-perpetuating cycle of crime and recidivism

Natural Crime and Legal Crime are contrasted.

This job compares and contrasts the concepts of "natural crime?and "legal crime.? List each of the major crimes used by the FBI in its crime index. Decide which of those crimes might be considered mala in se (wrong in itself) or mala prohibita (wrong only because it is prohibited by law). Include a rationale for your decisions.

Guilty but Mentally Ill (GBMI) Case Study

Hello. I need assistance to create a case analysis of a simulated GBMI case detailed below: In a high-profile local case, a defendant has pleaded Guilty but Mentally Ill (GBMI.) Dina F. has been charged with first-degree murder. She is a 35-year-old woman who killed her 6-year-old son by drowning him in the family swimming p

New laptop

You Purchased a new laptop from a wired nation, inc sore. wired nation,inc., is a national chain of retail electronics and computer stores. The sales rep at wired nation told you that the computer would last for at least 3years, so you did not buy an extended warranty. The computer crashed after 18 months. you obtain the help of

What is cyberpredator?

Define the term "cyberpredator." Describe how advances in computer technology have made it easier for predators to victimize children. Explain how a pedophile living 500 miles away from an intended victim can be just as dangerous as one living in the victim's neighborhood 2. Specifically, you have been invited to speak on

The local juvenile court often must address issues relating to drug use...

The local juvenile court often must address issues relating to drug use. Dr. Verde encourages you to participate in an Internet Discussion Board for personnel of the different courts relating to drug issues. You go to the discussion thread on adolescent drug use to address the following: ---Identify and discuss risk factors a

Predatory criminals

Describe what other factors, in addition to a victim's psychological characteristics, can affect how predatory criminals select their victims. Explain how those factors can influence an offender looking for an "ideal" victim.

How does facial recognition software work?

Specifically, you have been asked to examine the potential for using facial recognition software to augment security measures inside the local stadium. Draft an excerpt for your vulnerability assessment giving an overview of facial recognition technology, how and with what success it has been used in the past, and whether or no

Criminal Justice policy

What are the steps of developing a policy within the criminal justice arena? How does the United States constitution impact the development of criminal justice policy? Is there a better way in which policy can be developed? What is the role of state government in criminal justice policy development and implementation? How

Illinois State Laws

Provide an overview of the current State of Illinois laws regarding: a. Unlawful Consumption of Alcohol b. Unlawful possession of Alcohol c. Unlawful Transportation of Alcohol d. DUI laws in Illinois e. "Use it or Lose it" law

Forensic Neuropsychology

Define forensic neuropsychology as it relates to criminology. Explain how forensic neuropsychology could redefine the manner in which we classify criminals. What would be the significance if it were found that criminal behavior stemmed from a physiological impairment in the brain rather than a purely psychological or social caus

Chain of custody

You are the investigator at a homicide. Describe the steps you would follow to maintain chain of custody of the evidence.

Terrorism Statutes Under Criminal Law

Please provide help with the following assignment. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. -------------------- You are a law enforcement officer assigned to the new Terrorism Task Force. Your supervisor asks you to create a presentation on recent changes to federal statutes on terrorism. In your presentation, incl

Crimes Against Persons

Please provide assistance for the following assignment. Thank you. -------------------------------------- You are a law enforcement officer at the South Carolina State Police Department. You are assigned to a committee to investigate the trends in crimes against persons in the U.S., and the factors that affect these

Explain the differences between civil and criminal law

Damian M. was charged with the murder of his wife, Sharon. After a lengthy trial in criminal court, he was acquitted by a jury of his wife's murder. Sharon's parents were convinced that Damian killed their daughter, and so they then brought a civil case against Damian for the wrongful death of their daughter. The jury in the civ

Should the U.S. end the War on Drugs?

From the pro perspective on ending the war on drugs what factors would present the best argument? What are some valid sources that supports the arguments.

Research on one national and one international computer crime

I need research help for two studies on computer crime. One computer crime involves Jeanson James Ancheta, "Zombie King", which I already have some research, but I need more. The other case needs to be of an international case. I was thinking of either the Gorshkov or Zezev cases. I need to know the details of the cases, such

Article Critique

The Article Critique assignment is to locate an article of interest related to Criminal Evidence specifically related to search and seizure or rules of evidence, exclusionary or relevant. You are to critique the article according to the instructions below. The articles should not be more than three years old. The format wil

Policing in the future

Evaluate the topic of terrorism and predict the issues it may present in the future of policing from the perspective of (a) individual police personnel (b) police management; and (c) the community.

Stop and Frisk, Arrest, and Stationhouse Detention

Based on the scenario below, provide help discussing the level of proof needed for the officers to stop and frisk the five youths, arrest the youths, and the varying elements used to justify fingerprinting the youths. Use specific examples from the fact pattern to support your findings. ------------------------- Sto