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Criminal Law and Justice

Trends in juvenile crime are assessed.

Since 1991, trends seem to indicate improvement with factors involving teenagers in the United States which could translate into a reduction in juvenile crime. Provide an explanation of at least three factors that would support this belief or provide an explanation of at least three factors that would counter this belief

Federal Court System

Decribe the various courts in the United States. Give specific examples of each.

Crime types & how to measure

* For this discussion please define â??crime,â? then briefly describe the three major types of crimes, and finally how crime is measured. * Is this effective? Does the way we define crime have any links to the measurement of crime?

Forensic pathology on the roadways of New Mexico

Many deaths occur on the roadways that involve teens and drinking. Select a U.S. state (New Mexico), and research the number of deaths involving teens and alcohol on the roadways for the past 5 years in that state. Provided are some statistics for that state such as the number of teens and a breakdown by gender and race (depend

White Collar Crime in the U.S.

Please help answer the following questions. Which state in the U.S. currently has recorded the most defendants charged with White Collar Crime? Elaborate. What is the most common type of White Collar Crime charged in U.S. federal cases? Elaborate.

Studying Fraud Detection and Examination

You're telling your husband about your classes for the new semester. He's intrigued by the idea of your becoming a fraud detective, but he wants to know whether you will have job security and what kinds of jobs you might get. How would you respond to his question?

Law Enforcement Chart

I need a basic hierarchical chart of state and federal law enforcement so that I can memorize the different departments.

Citizen's right regards to testify

Can a person be force to testify or why should they testify even if they are under oath? Doesnâ??t that person have a right not to testify even if he did not do anything wrong? Can a person refuse testify against someone else? Which amendment protects a person from testifying?

The experiential learning model

The experiential learning model lists five steps for including exercises and/or games in the learning process. Create a three column table in a word processor. In Column 1, identify the five steps of the experiential learning model (one per table cell in the column). In the corresponding table cells of Column 2, provide a concis

Emerging and Future Technologies in Criminal Justice

Please help with the following problem. Discuss how and why future technologies will help law enforcement technology has changed in the policing arena, from how crimes have been reported to how criminals think and react to technology to prevent from handling their crimes. Also how the integration of technology and how its em

Problems associated with alcohol/substance abuse are embedded.

Please help with the following problem. Include references in the solution. - Discuss 2 neurological disorders and 2 cardiovascular problems associated with alcohol/substance abuse. - What are the health risks associated with the disorder? Is there a cure? If yes, explain. If no, why not? - State the name of each disorder,

Security Professionals

Why is it important for a security professional to know specifics about the particular target environment to which they are assigned? How can experienced security professionals prepare themselves for challenges and opportunities they have never encountered before? Is it possible that experience with only one type of environment

Parens Patriae overview is presented.

You are working in a center and your boss has asked you to inform the new counselors of historical information relevant to the profession, specifically the term Parens Patriae. â?¢An overview of the concept of Parens Patriae â?¢The historical origins of Parens Patriae â?¢Use of Parens Patriae in modern juvenile cou

Criminal acts and choices

Identify and describe choice theories and how they relate to crime. List and describe the common models in how society determines which acts are considered to be criminal and how it impacted by choice theories of crime.

Identify Issues

Read the following cases and complete the questions to follow each. 1.Dean v. Dickey - 225 S.W. 2d 999 Identify the validity of the will issue presented in this case. 2.United States v. Martinez-Jimenez - 864 F 2d. 664 Identify the issue concerning whether the weapon was dangerous. 3.Wolcott v. Wolcott - 105 N.M. 6


What is a beat? How does a beat compare to a post? How can we improve the coverage of beats and posts within policing systems to improve communities?

Examining Legal Reviews: DRC Situation

In 2004, the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) referred the DRC situation to the international criminal court ICC. A few months ago, a bench of the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Callixte Mbarushimana, the Executive Secretary of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda FDLR and member of the FD

Key Facts

Review the court opinions and for each case and identify the Key Facts Key facts: The legally significant facts of a case that raise the legal question of how or whether the law governing the dispute applies. They are facts upon which the outcome of the case is determined. Key facts establish or satisfy the elements of a ca

Electronic Surveillance of Employees

Help is needed in detail with the following questions, please provide references. 1.Explain where an employee can reasonably expect to have privacy in the workplace. 2.In the office workplace there are typically two types of workspaces, an open area, in which there are several desks and where conversations can be overhead