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Criminal Law and Justice

Movie review

Choose one of the following movies and send a brief summary of the story line including the ethical dilemma facing the attorney. Suggested movies are as follows: Criminal Law Penalty Phase Presumed Innocent Erin Brokovich A Time to Kill Runaway Jury The Firm A Few Good Men The Rainmaker Analyze the

Computer Crime

What types of exploitations that can occur on the Internet and the typical characteristics of victims of Internet exploitation crimes? What is hate crimes and provide three examples of different types of hate crimes. What are some weaknesses associated with US intelligence in light of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Current Legal Rights for Prison Inmates

What are the current legal rights of prison inmates? How have these rights changed over the years? Why have they evolved in this way? What major treatment philosophies predominate in the United States today?

Constitutional Search and Seizure

After reviewing these two situations are these legal or illegal searches according to the U.S. Constitution? 1. Officer Schield knocks on Riff's door. Riff is not home but his mother answers the knock. She gives the officer permission to search her son's room. He/she finds a money bag, a hammer and several checks made out to

Interview, Interrogation and the Miranda Law

What are the similarities and differences between an interview and an interrogation. Explain how you would prepare differently for each. 1. What did the court say about the methods used by police during interrogations prior to the Miranda ruling? 2. What case did the court agree to review concerning the voluntary nature of


Overcriminalization refers to the idea that laws regulating public morality may result in a substantial diversion of police, prosecutorial, and judicial time, personnel and resources. While legislative views on morality may, legitimately, be included in crimes such as murder, rape and other violent crimes, they may inappropriate

Criminal Homicide

What constitutes the Corpus Delecti of an offense? Can a defendant who lies about her role in spousal homicide still raise a "battered woman's" defense?

Research of any special investigations unit.

I need to make a summary of 3-5 page paper. Can someone please help me research the information below? I need to do a research of any special investigations unit or fraud unit of an entity of any choice. This can be a law enforcement agency, insurance company, credit card company, bank, or any other organization that employs

The Courts and the Image of Police Officers

Do you think that the courts have appropriately supported the Constitution and its relationship to the police? Why or why not? What can police agencies do to improve the image of policing? How can the relationship between police and minorities be improved? I need ideas and suggestions for these questions. Thank you.

Texas Juvenile Court

1. Describe the characteristics of the juvenile court in Texas. Describe the following: - Types of courts - General characteristics of the courts - Jurisdiction of the court - Court alternatives

Public Policy

I have to create a description of the criminological theories; rational choice theory, trait theories, social structure theories, social process theories, social conflict theories, and developmental theories. ? Include an overview of the policy implications of various theoretical interpretations of crime. ? Use the Internet to

Cases that used Scientific Evidence e.g. OJ Simpson and others

I have been researching and was only able to find a couple of cases that I needed. I was wondering if I could get some guidance on finding 5 or 6 cases where scientific evidence was used. If you could just provide me with the websites/references as to where to locate these cases and the information about them also. Thank you!

Public Policy to Prevent Public Order Crimes

Research and define one public policy or program that is currently used to prevent public order crimes in a community. List the crime being addressed and the specifics of the policy or program. What are the pros and cons of this policy or program? What can be done to improve the quality of prevention for this crime?

Child Pornographers

I could use some help finding methods of detecting, catching and prosecuting child pornographers on the net or otherwise. References please.

Criminal Justice System

Please see the attachment what I have put in for crime control model. 1. In your opinion, does our criminal justice system today operate as described in the Due Process Model, the Crime Control Model or something else?" 2. Identifying and explaining the three conceptual pillars of the juvenile justice system.

Social Conflict

What types of social conflict exist in American culture today? Are they productive conflicts, producing results for those who need help? Explain your answer.

Just Desert

Arguments in favor of and arguments against just desert. State opinion on just desert.

Public policy implications and crime prevention strategies

Subject: public policy implications and crime prevention strategies related to different criminological theories and types of crime. In your informed (by sources) opinion, what public policy or prevention strategy implication makes the most sense? Do real-world public policies of this type help prevent crime? Explai

Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio

Only bullet points: ? Does the press have too much or too little freedom? ? Should the media be used to fight crime? ? Is police brutality a problem? ? Is the death penalty an effective deterrent against crime? ? Are sexual assault cases under prosecuted? ? Should we end the war on drugs? ? Should Intelligence operations