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Criminal Law and Justice

Criminal Procedure Variation

Criminal Procedure Variation · Research Tennessee's criminal procedures and choose a crime to review. · Locate a state that has a variance in their procedures for the same crime. · In a response describe the similarities and differences between the procedures of the same crime within the two states. · Use APA for

Statement of Belief for Prison

The state has proposed moving executions from another state prison to your prison. Many people in the community are opposed to the move. You need to prepare your stand on this to present at a legislative hearing scheduled in the near future. ? Develop a written statement of beliefs arguing in favor of the death penalty. As a

Criminal Justice System and Whistle-blowing

Please assist with some ideas so I can complete the following assignment: As a new department policy, your Superintendent feels it is important to encourage whistle-blowing. You have been asked to prepare a draft proposal on the new policy to be delivered at the next departmental meeting. Be sure to use a conversational tone

Effectiveness of Drug Testing in the Pretrial program

The purpose of this response is to show the benefits of defendants taking a drug test. The objective of this essay is to illustrate the effectiveness of the pretrial programs, and negate the assumptions that the pretrial drug-testing programs are ineffective because they are based on faulty assumptions.

Confidence in the media

Public confidence in the media appears to be diminishing. What are specific reasons for this? Give examples. What are your personal perspectives on the influence and possible bias found in the mass media?

The significance of Miranda

I'm having problems getting this started and knowing where to go with the writing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Resource: Review the above website on Miranda v. Arizona (1966) Post a summary describing the significance of Miranda v. Arizo

Polygraph Testing: Frye or Daubert

Review the two major court cases that influence whether polygraphs can be used at trial. Frye v. United States (1923) and Daubert v. MerrellDowPharmaceuticals (1993) Post a response discussing whether polygraph testimony should be admissible in court which test (Frye or Daubert) is more appropriate, and the potential effect t

Neighborhood Watch Research Study

A small suburb of a large metropolitan area has implemented a Neighborhood Watch Program. The town mayor has asked you to determine if the program is having any effect on the volume of complaints received about suspicious behavior, deviant behavior, and crime. Based on criminological theories what supports Neighborhood Watch

Police-Community Relations

What are the common communication problems in police-community relations? How can communication be improved? Please explain and give specific examples.

Trends in violence

What are the major trends in violence in the United States today? In your mind what are possible solutions to these ominous trends in violence?

Plain View / Open Fields Case Study is considered.

Identify the elements of the plain view doctrine present in the scenario that could potentially justify the admission of evidence and address any issues raised by the doctrine. Then, determine if the open fields doctrine is applicable to the fact pattern. Support your conclusions with specific examples. ?Reference on

Integration: JTIN

Explain the purpose of initiatives and organizations like the Justice Technology Information Network (JTIN). Analyze how efforts, such as the JTIN, show that integration of new technology has become a priority for criminal justice policy makers. Please provide all resources used for citation purposes. Thank you for your ti

Benefits and potential of advanced forensic capabilities

You have been asked to take part in a meeting regarding the possible benefit of purchasing some advanced forensic technologies to aid the currently outdated equipment at your local crime lab. Attending the discussion will be the city manager, police chief, and senior investigators from your department's criminal investigation di

Integration of Technology

Provide some examples of how technology has been accepted and integrated into various parts of the criminal justice system. Analyze how the integration of technology into the more mundane aspects of police work,such as completing paperwork, has increased officer productivity and decreased resource costs. Please provide resour

Information Management

Define "database" and explain how you could use a simple database (like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel) to track criminal offenses in your local community. Discuss what criteria you would use to categorize offenses and why. Explain how you could utilize the database to quickly and easily query offense information for your l

Communications Network

Please assist with the following so I can complete the assignment: You have been asked to perform a security assessment of the local police department's incident reaction capability. Specifically, you have been asked to focus on the department's lack of technology integration at the street officer level. Draft an excerpt for

Technology Trends

Please assist so that I can complete the assignment below: Create a presentation for the next local Criminal Prosecutor's Association meeting. The presentation should provide an overview of some modern methods of electronic communications interception used by law enforcement and how their unwarranted use could be a violation

Accounting and Budget Principles/Strategic Planning for Gang Activity

Pleas assist with the question below so that I can complete the assignment: Strategic planning is the setting of long term objectives, and operational planning is the use of individualized operations or activities that lead to the accomplishment of the strategic goals. Consider the following: You are the chief of poli

Drug Courts: Philosophy, Role and Short History

Drug courts are a relatively new phenomenon in the American judicial system. Define and discuss briefly the philosophy, role, and short history of drug courts. Does the state in which you reside utilize drug courts, and if so, how successful have they been in reducing recidivism rates? Would you in turn recommend that all of the

Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio

If anybody could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. I am having trouble getting this started. Any help would be nice. Thank you. Create a Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio outlining your opinion on one issue from each of the eight weeks of this class. Select issues about which you feel strongly, and create ei

What is comparative criminology?

What is comparative criminology? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a comparative perspective? What is your thinking about comparative criminology in today's global society?

Do you think police should be used to gather intelligence?

I need someones else's view on theses questions: 1.) Do you think police should be used to gather intelligence? Why or why not? If required to work more closely, do you think state and local law enforcement agencies would cooperate effectively? Support your argument with case examples or statistics. 2.) Would a centrali