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    Plea Bargains- What they mean

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    What does plea-bargaining mean? How much plea bargaining occurs throughout the United States? Explain the types of plea bargaining, the advantages and disadvantages of plea-bargaining, and utilization of plea-bargaining as a tool to ease over crowding of the court dockets. Include APA formatted in-text citations to document any sources quoted or paraphrased.

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    To understand what plea-bargaining means, you should consider reading the landmark case: Boykin v. Alabama, 395 U.S. 228 (1969). Basically, a defendant can waive her rights after having been notified of all her rights. The state has the burden to prove that the defendant's plea was taken in compliance with Boykin's ...

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    There are four main different types of plea bargaining. The four are: charge bargaining, count bargaining, sentence bargaining, and fact bargaining.