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Criminal Law and Justice

Child Pornographers

I could use some help finding methods of detecting, catching and prosecuting child pornographers on the net or otherwise. References please.

Criminal Justice System

Please see the attachment what I have put in for crime control model. 1. In your opinion, does our criminal justice system today operate as described in the Due Process Model, the Crime Control Model or something else?" 2. Identifying and explaining the three conceptual pillars of the juvenile justice system.

Social Conflict

What types of social conflict exist in American culture today? Are they productive conflicts, producing results for those who need help? Explain your answer.

Just Desert

Arguments in favor of and arguments against just desert. State opinion on just desert.

Public policy implications and crime prevention strategies

Subject: public policy implications and crime prevention strategies related to different criminological theories and types of crime. In your informed (by sources) opinion, what public policy or prevention strategy implication makes the most sense? Do real-world public policies of this type help prevent crime? Explai

Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio

Only bullet points: ? Does the press have too much or too little freedom? ? Should the media be used to fight crime? ? Is police brutality a problem? ? Is the death penalty an effective deterrent against crime? ? Are sexual assault cases under prosecuted? ? Should we end the war on drugs? ? Should Intelligence operations

Violent Land (Cartwright): Causes of Violence

Please respond to the Questions at the end of the Critical Thinking Text that is attached. 1). According to Cartwright, crime rates were exceedingly high in the nineteenth century before TV, movies, and rap videos had been created. What, if anything, does this say about the effect of media on crime? 2). What ere som

Comparative Criminology and the Restorative Justice Model

See attached file for full problem description. Please help provide insight for the question at the end of the problem. CRITICAL THINKING QUESTION: 1. Restorative justice may be the model that best serves alternative sanctions. How can this essentially humanistic approach be sold to the general public that now supports

Diversion Program in the Community

Locate a diversion program in a community, at a school, community service agency, or city recreational center, for example. Describe the purpose, target population, and results of the program. Discuss how diversion programs like this one are related to social process theories.

Social Structure of Crime

Locate an example of a crime that can be explained by social structure theories. 1. How did the socio-economic status of the criminal affect his or her decision to commit the crime? 2. What could have been done to prevent this crime from occurring? (200-300 word responses) I need help with these questions and finding an

Rational Choice Crime Control Strategies

A woman was recently arrested for drowning all four of her children. Her defense team suggested that she was depressed and had no idea what she was doing at the time of the crime. QUESTIONS: Analyze this type of crime using the rational choice theory, answering the following: *How is criminal behavior explicable acc

Privacy Rights and Press Freedoms

Underneath the Freedom of Information Act: o What are common privacy rights held by U.S. citizens? o In what ways do citizens want the press to respect their privacy? o When do the reporting interests of the media conflict with citizen privacy rights? o What is the Freedom of Information Act? Whom does it benefit and wh

Survey of Local Crime Prevention Efforts

You have been hired to help your city council in an effort to improve crime prevention methods within your community. *Construct a ten question survey on the community's feelings about local crime prevention efforts. *Respond to these questions: 1. How will you choose the sample of survey respondents from the community?

Drugs and the Law

Addressing the "WAR ON DRUGS" Are the current laws and policies effective? Why or Why not? How would you recommend changing current policies or laws OR create new policies/laws to combat drugs? How would your recommended changes positively impact the war on drugs? Are there any drawbacks to your solution?

Business of Drugs: 'Drug Trafficking'

In your own words, define drug trafficking. Describe what you feel might be the solution to combat this "business of drugs." Why do you think your solution would work? Support your theory.

Treatment/Prevention and the Business of Drugs

Some drug cases are processed in court while others are processed outside the court system. Using the Internet and all other resources at your disposal, write an analysis of the major stages of each process (in court and out of court). What works and what doesn't for each process?

Overview of Drugs

Using resources and the Internet, find the effects of three types of substances (cocaine, heroin, & marijuana). Please discuss these three effects. Then choose one and locate two articles describing situations where a crime was committed by a person under the influence of a specific substance. Find an article where you believe t

Drugs and Crime

In your opinion, what legislation of the past 3 decades has had the greatest impact on the drug-crime relationship? Defend your response.

What are the constitutional rights of inmates?

You are the warden of a medium security prison. There has been an increase in the number of complaints about attorneys not being allowed access to inmates in your prison. Create a short brief for the corrections officers reminding them of the constitutional rights of inmates (1st, 4th, and 6th amendment rights). Need help on wha

Public policy implications and change

Presentation outlining public policy implications of rational choice theory; trait theories; social structure theories; social conflict theories and developmental theories. Thorough overview of each policy implication, identify policies and results. To include definition of theory, explanation of how crime is interpreted accor

Miranda Rights

Television depicts several law enforcement programs in which criminals sometimes admit or confess to crimes without being read their rights. Because of this, some cases may be thrown out even though the evidence may point to the accused. Please read Miranda v. Arizona and do some research to see how well it has held up sinc

Technology & Internet - criminal justice system in the 21st Century

How much will the implementation of technology and further capabilities of the Internet affect the traditional criminal justice system in the 21st Century? In your answer, address each component of the system and the need, if any, for education, training, and salary of each.

Home Monitoring

The Department of Corrections is considering adding in-home monitoring as a sentencing option for judges. They have asked you to provide some information to them to assist in making a decision. They need to know what in-home monitoring is and what type of offenders would be considered for this program. You will be speaking at th

Restorative Justice, Juveniles and Biases in Sentencing

1. What correctional policies can be created from the principles of restorative justice (based on indigenous justice principles)? Are these values more compatible with some offenses than others? More appropriate for some types of offenders than others? 2. Can you explain why juveniles of color have higher rates of contact wi

Probation and Parole issues are embedded.

Contact a local or state probation and parole office, and interview an officer. Determine the following information: the officer's duties, background, case load, ideas behind parole and probation, amount of time actually spent with each parolee each month, the needs of the agency to be more effective, the officer's opinion as to

War on drugs

I have to do a power point slide on the war on drugs. The thing is that the questions I have to answer are hard to find the answers too. I have looked on the internet and I am feeling that maybe I have looked over something. So I need some good pointers on this question if any body has any and or some good web sites to look at

Criminals in prisons benefits everyone

Please help me with suggestions and ideas on the following: 1. Write a position paper on the following statement: Placing criminals in prisons benefits everyone.