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    Crime rate of Japan and other countries

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    In 2008, the crime rate in Japan declined 4.7% from the previous year (Japan, 2009). This was the 6th year in a row the National Police Agency reported a decline. What factors might contribute to the relatively low crime rates in Japan when compared to the United States?

    What factors might contribute to Japanâ??s crime rates compared to other countries?

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    One of the major reasons that the crime rate in Japan is lower than that of other countries is the very strict gun control law that they have in place. When people can't use guns (whether it be for self-protection, to harm someone or to commit a crime), then crimes are less likely to take place. It is actually illegal for people in the public (citizens) to own handguns, hunting rifles and swords. These weapons can only be owned and registered to members of the police force. Additionally, The manufacturing and sale of handguns is monitored and regulated by the government and the sale and production of live and blank ammunition is controlled by the government as well; the transportation of weapons and ammunition is controlled also.

    In Japan, much emphasis is placed on belonging or ...

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    A look at why the crime rate in Japan is lower than other countries, namely the United States. Statistics and society is explored and evaluated as to who these, among other factors lead to decreased or increased crime rates in the United States.