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Comparing U.S. with other Nations

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1. How is the United States doing in the most recent quarter compared to Japan, the Euro Area and Canada in terms of production and employment? How was the United States doing compared to those countries a year ago?

2. Based on the data rank the four countries with respect to inflation. How does the United States compare to the three countries in 2005? What is the unemployment rate in each country in the most recent quarter?

3. What is your prediction about the economic health of each economy over the next few years?

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Economy of US

Comparing U.S. with other Nations

Answer 1

US is not doing so well as compared to Japan, Euro Area and Canada in terms of both the employment and production in the most recent quarters, as the GDP growth of this country is decreasing fastly as compared to these countries, which reflects the weak economic condition of the country. Unemployment rate has reached at 7.2, which is highest in the last 16 years and reflects the decreased employment rate in the US. The real GDP growth of the US has also reduced in a massive manner, which is responsible for the poor economic growth of this country that affects its productivity and employment.

Since August 2008, the US dollar has appreciated, which resulted into the weakening of export sector that reflects the weak position of the US in terms of Productivity and Employment, as compared to Japan, Euro Area and Canada. In fourth quarter, the contraction has intensified in the US, as compared to these countries. The output has fallen upto .5% in the third quarter of 2008 in the US, which also depicts the poor performance of this country as compared to Japan, Euro Area and Canada, like the economy of Canada has undergone in recession in the fourth quarter of 2008, which reflects the strong economic condition of this country as compared to the US. The employment condition of the US is stronger only from the employment position of Euro Area, otherwise the employment condition of the rest three countries like Canada, Japan is much better than US (Donner, November, 2008).

United States is not performing well since last year, as the employment rate has reached ...

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