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    USA vs. Nauru Economy and Political Government

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    Need help with comparing and contrasting USA and Nauru.

    US Social and Nauru Social
    US Economic and Nauru Economic
    US Political gov't and Nauru Political gov't

    Compare and contrast the two governments (8-10 pages with a reference page).

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    I cannot write your essay for you, but I can give you a paragraphical outline that will help you complete the assignment. You will need to add your own examples, observations, and ideas to complete the required pages. Additionally, this was a difficult compare and contrast pairing because not only is Nauru very poor and the U.S. very rich, but their histories and economies are vastly different. Please add one or two sentences to each paragraph...for example...explain what the IMF does and how that could help Nauru. Then add a paragraph or a couple of sentences to the introduction and your own conclusion. You will have a complete essay with your additions.

    I will place my references here for you to choose the ones you prefer or to look at to gain more insight.




    Nuaru is a small island nation in the Micronesia. During the Second World War, it was a hiding place of occupation by the Japanese. Before the war and after, it has been a possession of the world's greater nations. It is among the smallest nations in the world and with a singular export of great importance. By contrast, the United States is a large nation, with a powerful presence on the world stage. It has not been possessed since breaking free of Great Britain in the late 1700's. The two countries could not be more far apart in the roles they play on the world stage.

    The United States (U.S.)is a blend of many cultures and many beliefs, most of which are encouraged in the individualistic society. There are exceptions, but for many the ability to believe, take action, and participate in activities and interests they like is the most important aspect of the U.S. society. Issues such as inequality and dealing with these issues are ongoing and social movements are slow, but they do occur. Religious preferences abound and are embraced, even those who have a pointedly negative view of any deity. Americans embrace cultures and identities often taking on the form of foods, dress, ceremonies, and holidays. Work and gaining wealth is a social norm for most people. Choices in how this is gained are as varied as the people. Art, crafts, and music/dance/theatre are as diversified as the different cultural and ethnic groups found within the country.

    Nauru, by contrast, has a culture steeped in the seafaring ways of their ancestors and the travelers from Polynesia ...

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    The solution provides insight and advise in tackling the task of contrasting and comparing the US to the country of Nauru along their social, economic and political elements. resources are include din the text.