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    Geophysical Elements of Strategy Formation

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    Geophysical Elements of Strategy Formation - My organization is TATA MOTORS of INDIA

    Evaluate my organization's (TATA MOTORS) home country's potential for: FDI, growth, and its environmental impact on your organization's daily operations. Please answer the following questions:

    A. Using Michael Porter's Diamond Analysis describe in detail your home country's Factor Conditions, paying particular attention to:

    1) Economic and political risk. Such as Islamic law vs. customary law, command-driven economy vs. free-market-driven economy, etc. Briefly describe two economic risk factors and two political risk factors that are important to your organization, and how these risk factors impact your organization.

    2) Infrastructure risk, such as roads, the availability of transportation, and accessibility of natural resources such as minerals, woods, metals, etc. (Much of this type of information is readily accessible from various government websites, such as the US Department of Commerce, the US State Department's commercial website, and encyclopedic databases)

    3) Briefly describe the infrastructure of your home country (India), paying particular attention to those elements of the national infrastructure that can be considered to be a source of national competitive advantage.

    4) The pools of skilled vs. unskilled labor in the organization's home country (India).

    5) Capacity and availability of capital markets throughout the home country's region.

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    //Tata motors is regarded as the largest automobile company in India. The company is holding first position among commercial vehicle manufacturers and 2nd position among passenger car manufacturers. There are several environmental factors which helped the company in getting success in its home country. The upcoming section is presenting a brief description about these factors//

    In order to analyze the country's Geophysical factors, that help a company either to develop or to present threats in front of the company, Michael Porter's diamond modal is commonly used. According to the diamond model, there are several factors that help a nation to have competitive advantage for a particular business. The factors can be analyzed under the following topics:

    Factor conditions analysis: These are the external environmental conditions which can be exploited by a particular business in a company. In India, the business of Tata motors also gets affected by these factors. The factors affecting the conditions in India are detailed ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 607 words with references.