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Elements Necessary to form a contract

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What are the elements necessary to form a contract?

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Contract Elements - Contract Formation

I chose this article because the article covered all aspects of contract formation. The article explains, in laymen's terms, how a contract is an agreement by two or more parties and whether the document is called an agreement or a contract, the law applies regardless. The article uses the example of contractors and how the contractors face elements of consumer dissatisfaction when a job is completed a valid contract is not in place how after the job is completed the client tends to not want to pay or outright refuses to pay.

The article states, "Contracts are critical for just about any business deal. There are in fact three kinds of contracts, a verbal contract, an implied contract, and a written contract." (Przyblewski ...

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The solution discusses the elements necessary to form a acontract

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4 elements necessary to form a contract

Please explain in some detail the four elements necessary to form a contract below:

1. Agreement
2. Consideration
3. Contractual capacity
4. Lawful object

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