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Criminal Law and Justice

Difference between common law and statutory (civil) law.

I understand were common law derived from but having trouble with its history and and its spread from England to other countries to include the U.S., and were do they both fit within the American criminal justice system today. Are there policy implications and/or benefits or even burdens in the use of each type of law.

Discuss: Personal Application of Criminology

Scenario: You are the parent of a 16-year-old boy. You come home unexpectedly and find your door ajar. Inside, you discover your son's friend looking through a kitchen drawer. The boy says he is looking for a paper and a pencil so he can leave your son a note. On the counter next to him is a lock-pick and some of your jewelry an

Neighborhood Watch Program

A small suburb of a large metropolitan area has implemented a Neighborhood Watch Program. The town mayor has asked you to determine if the program is having any effect on the volume of complaints received about suspicious behavior, deviant behavior, and crime. 1. Is the newly enacted neighborhood watch program working to

Could any legal precedence be used in a case like this?

What would happen in a case involving a 20 year old coach and a 16 year old student who were dating and both are homosexual? Both sets of parents knew of the relationship and were fine with it. What if the Superintendent of the school knew about the situation and only talked to the two of them about not having a relationship but

Commercial and Institutional Security

Based on your reading, you know there are differences between Commercial and Institutional Security. What are some of those differences as well as similarities and why do you believe they exist? Is it reasonable to have separate styles of security? Why? Post in a minimum of 200 words.

Who is liable and under what laws would they be placed?

Let me know who you think may be liable and under what theories. Example: 1) Freddie Jones and his wife, Erica, are getting a divorce. Freddie has become concerned for his safety given his wife's comments that she is "going to kill him in front of God and everybody" for asking for a divorce. Erica has been seeing a psychol

Affirmative defenses

If an affirmative defense is a perfect defense what happens if the defendant proves this defense at his criminal trial

Sentencing table within the Federal Sentencing Guidelines manual

Castillo continues to provide information as a confidential informant. Obviously, the central motivation in his doing so is to receive favorable consideration from the federal judge when he is finally sentenced. In this regard, you have frequent conversations with Castillo's attorney who is diligent in making sure his client's i

Crime Causation and Famous Figures

Please help answer the following problem regarding Timothy Mc Veigh. Describe his or her criminal activities and any background information you know or can find out about him or her. In general terms, discuss how the various theoretical schools of crime causation would attempt to explain that criminal's behavior.

Generate a concise debriefing report from the notes

Refer to the notes posted here in your file. They will represent the product of your interview of Mr. Castillo. Your task is to generate a concise debriefing report from the notes posted that includes all the facts provided in the notes. Use the posted format as a guide. Submit the report to the instructor's drop box. Rea

Successful and Unsuccessful Group Decision-Making

Focus on experiences with group decision-making and identify one very successful and one very unsuccessful experience. Identify and discuss the reasons for the group's very good or very poor performance

Juvenile justice system's effectiveness is questioned.

Many say the juvenile justice system is broken. In fact, we have failed because our solution for juveniles is the same as adults incarceration. However, Wright and Wright offer a solution which is considered a comprehensive program for effectively dealing with these very issues. Examine the program that Wright and Wright discuss

The future of the American jail system is hypothesized.

Explain what you believe is the future of the American jail system- 1) a discussion of recidivism rates from those leaving prisons and those leaving alternative sanctions 2) The alternative sanctions to incarceration that are available today and may be available in the future, this can include private corrections, etc 3) How

This job assesses the current policy of building more jails and prisons.

Explain what you believe is the future of the American jail system. There is not any empirical evidence that incarceration helps reduce crime. If the current policy of building more jails and prisons as a way of dealing with the crime problem has not had a significant effect on to reducing the levels of crime, what other options

Correctional course goals are mentioned.

Conflict arises when workers' expectations do not meet the demands of a job. The institutional goal of maintaining order and security may interact with the goal of treatment and rehabilitation. Describe how you, as a correctional officer, would try to integrate both of these goals within your position.

Two Model of the Criminal Process

Herbert Packer discusses two models of the criminal process identify them and discuss them in detail. In your discussion be sure to compare and contrast the models outlining the differences as well as the similarities. Finally, pick a model and defend.

Rediscovery of crime victims is analyzed.

In Andrew Karmen's discussion on the Rediscovery of Crime Victims, it is said that laws create criminals and formally define persons as victims at the same time. What is meant by this statement? In your discussion address the failures of the system to meet the needs of victims. In addition discuss how victims are victimized a se

Hiring new recruits

You are responsible for the hiring of staff in prisons and probation and parole officers. With the rising rate in crime and the addition of new correctional facilities, you realize that there will soon be a staff shortage. You also realize that with the change in the goals and missions of each of these agencies, you will have to

Ad help is given.

A halfway house is going to operate within your community. You will be the director of this halfway house and have been told to place ads in the paper to alleviate fears and hire new staff. Make a one-page ad explaining the advantages of placing a halfway house within the community.

Sociological theories to explain burglaries are mentioned.

After a few uneventful weeks, you receive a call from Sergeant Ferraday of the local police department. "We got a series of home invasions we think may be related. They are all occurring in the inner city areas that transition from downtown to residential neighborhoods. I was reading a magazine article that said a good psycholog

Hearsay exceptions are noted.

As your wiretap investigation rolls on, you continue to pursue other investigative strategies. You are working with the AUSA to identify witnesses who can testify before a federal grand jury when it comes time to obtain indictments against the defendants. During an interview with one cooperating informant, the AUSA makes a disti

Identity crime is considered.

1) My question is "Is bail a racist concept"? Where can i find case law and doctrines to support my argument. Yes or No 2) In cases that involve identity theft, the criminal justice system protects the people but respects the rights of the accused. If a person steals another person's identity but does not cause any monetary d

Email Scam

Your job as a high-tech crime investigator for a large U.S. university employing more than 10,000 faculty and staff with 60,000 enrolled students requires you to investigate and issue incidents of the Nigerian scam occurring on campus, and to file a report with the appropriate law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Nigeria. In

Sentencing Reforms

Please help on answering the following question on sentencing Guidelines(Presumptive/mandatory and descriptive/voluntary) using scholarly resources. 1. Explain, In general, what the reform is and the desired impact of the reform. 2. Explain the justification for the implementation of the reform. 3. Discuss an example of

The terms "relevant" or "irrelevant" when applied to evidence are featured.

You have an appointment to meet with the AUSA to continue working on the affidavit supporting the wiretap application. You are told she is still in court and will be back soon. You and a fellow new detective decide to spend the time observing courtroom proceedings. You both notice that the defense counsel frequently interrupts t

Identify the potential legal issues and analyze the legal issues

Scenario: Jane Smith, a juvenile, was detained and taken to the local jail after being implicated in a store robbery and murder at the state level. Smith's parents were out of town visiting relatives, and she was left with her Uncle Bob during her parents' trip. The uncle was notified that Smith was being remanded and was to be

Intake interview - Explanations and Theories of Crime

One of the other new hires IM'd you with a request. "I promised Dr. Junger I'd take the intake interview with Jim Moratis the new prisoner that just transferred here from Chicago. I forgot that I made a prior commitment with Dr. Roberts to assist him with his research. Do you think you could take this interview for me? I'd owe y