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Safety procedures for Judges

Training court personnel about the specific needs of the judiciary, their staff, and their families is an important function of court security personnel. "[T]he degree of security provided for both judges and their families, according to the NSA/CODA Court Security Resource Guide "is dictated by the judges' wishes, as well as the nature of the threat." What are the minimum safety procedures that should be in place for judges, particularly during high risk/high profile trials?

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The minimum safety procedures that should be in place for Judges, especially in high risk trials are:

1)An officer should accompany the Judge to and from their vehicle during trials. The Courts should further ensure that proper lighting is employed in the courthouse area. The Courts should also consider ensuring that the parking lots are addressed on an ongoing basis to ensure that there are no threats.

2)An officer should search every person before they enter the courthouse, not once they enter through the metal detectors, as then it may be too late.

3)The Judge to receive protection ...

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