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Criminal Law and Justice

Explanation of the criminal justice system.

Explanation of the criminal justice system by describing the components of the criminal justice system, the criminal process, the definition of a crime, its relationship to the law, and its governmental structure.

Compare Peel's Metropolitan Police with Los Angeles Police Department

In 1829, Sir Robert Peel organized the Metropolitan Police in London, England; it was the first organized police agency of its kind. It was established along a military style command paradigm. Use the Library resources to research the Metro Police Department and the history behind its development. Compare and contrast the ag

Sir Robert Peel Review

Sir Robert Peel discovered that founding a city-wide police force was no easy task, but persisted and prevailed in doing so. He modeled the force after the Irish Constabulary and his model was first used in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.

An Official Police Report of Identity Fraud

Today, many utility companies need only a few pieces of information to setup an account and turn on service. The type of information required is your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. What happens when a person gets a hold of another's information and sets up an account? This scenario involves an actual c

Social Theories

There are three different groups of social theories: social process theories, social development theories, and social conflict theories. These theories are discussed, basically including the primary differences between the three perspectives and the shortcomings of each. Suggestions include the kinds of social policy initiative


What are automobile search rules? How have the laws and rules of automobile search rules changed within the criminal justice system? What recommendations would you make regarding automobile search rules and laws? Explain.

Terrorism, Social Stigma, and Police Ethics

How has terrorism impacted the police mission in the U.S.? What disagreements exist regarding the appropriate law enforcement behavior which fights terrorism but maintains personal liberties? What role does social stigma play in police ethics? Give specific examples from your reading or your experiences where social stigma p

Equity in Criminal Justice

Explain how public defenders affect a defendant's experiences and court proceedings. What does the research suggest about public defenders? What can be done to improve the equity of defendant representation?

4th Amendment

I am doing a term paper on the rights given to us under the Fourth Amendment. I need to the name of two cases that I can actually compare and do a case brief on for this assignment.

Effects of Private Police on the Image of Public Police

Discuss the public relations image and professionalism of the private security industry. What are some examples from the article concerning the importance of private security industry members having the same level of professionalism as public law enforcement officers? How can a negative image impact the security of a community?

Hospitals and Airports

Attach is the reading for this assignment along with the appendix to refer to. The two settings that I have chosen are Hospitals and Airports. Choose two of the four settings from Ch. 9 and carefully review the accompanying summaries, bullet points, and floor plans. Security Assessment Directions Choose two setting

White Collar Criminals & Probation

- How do white collar criminals succeed their probation? - What are the effective and ineffective areas of probation that are utilized or could be improved? - Does the community have any interaction with their rehabilitation? If so, describe. - Statistically, what is the recidivism rate of these criminals?

Security Policy

You are writing a policy concerning conditions of employment for employees of your security department. Your state allows 'at will' employment and you could use this method in your policy. You have also recently read about 'just cause' requirements regarding terminations. Your department has no employment contract in force with


Please help with the following questions. Should the legal system continue using trial by peers, or should the system adopt professionals who are hired to seek the facts and truth of a trial? Which would be more beneficial to the legal system, to the victims, and to the defendants? Explain your answers.

Criminal Procedure

Details: This will be your first time in criminal court. There are typically several attorneys standing in front of the judge on each matter. In addition, there is court staff, law enforcement, probation, etc. You are to meet with the interns to discuss and name the players, parties, and branch of government that each of

Drive-By Shooting Case

Scenario 18-year old Adam Jones has been arrested for shooting an undercover policeman in San Diego, California. Officer Lewis was part of a team investigating street gang criminal conduct and was out of uniform in an unmarked car when he was killed. Jones, who believed Lewis was a rival gang member, shot him from a moving ve

Research paper help

Locate outside documents and/or books to prepare a written report from the materials citing at least four references from the documents located. Topics for research: The role of law enforcement in policing a society. The role of the courts in the Criminal Justice System. The role of corrections in the Criminal Justice Syste

Compare the relevance of sociology and criminology for each other

There are several cognitive restructuring theories that are used in cognitive therapy to reform criminals. The objectives of these theories is to rectify "faulty thinking' so that the irrational beliefs of the person are replaced with more pertinent and useful ones. The cognitive restructuring theory assumes that the criminal's

Habitual criminal behavior and methods to restructure the behavior

Details: After returning from Las Vegas, Dr. Junger is waiting for you. "I heard you presented very well in Las Vegas," he jokes, "but it's time to get back to work. Here is the ...there is more show problem Details: After returning from Las Vegas, Dr. Junger is waiting for you. "I heard you presented very well in Las Vegas,"

Intermediate Sanctions

I need help defining what intermediate sanctions are, their purpose in the criminal justice process, and their function as a sentencing alternative. Do you feel intermediate sanctions are an appropriate punishment? Explain your rationale.

Challenges of the Contemporary Police Administrator

This problem addresses the challenges that a contemporary police administrator will have to face in the criminal justice system and will direct the student to determine what the actual function of the "administrator" might be from a variety of police department methods. It suggests issues that the administrator must face, the

Criminology relevance

Details: After the successful intake session you had with Jim Moratis, Dr. Junger approached you about an upcoming Prison Psychology Conference in Las Vegas. "Normally it is one of our senior staff who attends the conference, but we've decided it would be good to send one of our rising stars this year. It will be a good chance

Issues of custodial care in the Criminal Justice System

The major issues to be addressed in this solution are those "key" issues in the area of custodial care (incarceration). Is it food, rape, abuse, disease, riots, overcrowding, cost issues or perhaps drugs? References to information is provided in each area and each or all of the issues could be considered "key," according to th

Describe the security for a bank, school, and an airport.

Security Issues in Daily Life: Select three different locations that you visit on a regular basis: work, school, grocery store, bank, hospital, church, airport, mall, etc. Identify the security that you observe in each. Analyze the similarities and differences. Make recommendations for any additional security needed and provi

Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law

One difference between civil and criminal law is the much higher standard of proof in criminal cases. What do you think is the reason for that difference in standard of proof? Should the standard of proof in civil cases be raised to reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits that are filed? Answer the question, giving two reasons t

Prevention & Treatment Programs

1.List and describe the characteristics of successful prevention and treatment programs for juvenile and criminal behavior. Your discussion should provide a minimum of two characteristics of both prevention and treatment. State why it is important and give an example of a program that is currently operational. 2.Identify the

Procedural Case Study

O Does probable cause or reasonable suspicion exist? Explain. o Do the levels of proof justify a stop and frisk or an arrest? Explain. o Determine if Miranda warnings were properly given and why. o Did a proper vehicle inventory search occur? How do you know? o Did the officer follow proper procedures for seizure of pers