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Is the US prepared for biological threats?

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Discuss the threat to the homeland from biological warfare and how prepared do you consider the U.S. is to handle such an attack.

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Biological warfare consists of deliberate food or water poisoning, using biological toxins such as bacteria, viruses and fungi with the intent to kill or encourage substantial physical and mental damage to humans, animals and plants as an act of war. There is a large overlap between biological and chemical warfare, as many chemicals are used to damage societies.

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The threat of biological warfare on the United States has been a concern for decades and even centuries. The US officially began a secret biological weapons program in 1943. The official policy of the program was to deter the use of biological weapons against the US as well as to retaliate if necessary. Though there is no evidence that the US has used biological warfare, this sort of attack has been used repeatedly throughout history.

Biological warfare consists of deliberate food or water ...

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