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    Significant Threats to United States' Homeland Security

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    What are the most significant threats to U.S. Homeland Security? What makes them significant? To what degree is the U.S. prepared to address these threats? What specific policies and procedures are in place to prevent, prepare, and respond to these threats? Why might these work and why might they not work? What aspects of the American political system will be challenges to these policies and procedures?

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    http://leda.law.harvard.edu/leda/data/655/Guerro.html This article has a lot of references and information about biochemical threat and policies.

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    The first in my opinion continues to be the lax security at airports and virtually none at many ports and railway stations. These could allow the fast and complete disbursement of weapons of terror, create another scenario like 9/11 at the worse, injure and kill those in close physical areas at the least. There are rules in place for background screenings and the takeover by the Transportation Safety Agency has helped, but there are many people employed at airports, terminals, and surrounding businesses such as car rentals and food and other establishments that also create too much freedom. The background screenings, dependency on badges and other identification methods are good, but they need to have more policies that directly address lost id's and other non-person related forms of id's. The use of fingerprints or eye scans, while expensive, could help reduce these issues. The use of the no fly lists are almost useless. We are often hearing about people who were on it and still passed through unnoticed. Worse are the people not on them that are stopped and harassed, leaving people annoyed and humiliated. (http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/privacy/privacy_pia_tsa_airport_creds.pdf)

    A second area is biochemical and other weapons use. These sound like scary "24" scenarios we would see on television. However, most cities and towns are not equipped to cope with such methods. The fact that such biochemical could be produced and used or moved without much problem seems to be an issue. The issue of biochemical transfer have been addressed in areas such as aircraft and ...

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