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    Changing the Criminal Justice System

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    A list and explanation of at least 5 specific things that can be done to bring about change in our core structure.

    Analysis of why these changes, in light of the ideas of peacemaking criminology, will reduce crime.

    Analyze the changes that you would want to make to our core structure.

    Should there be any changes brought about in the punishment laws?

    Should there be a specific curriculum included in school and college syllabus which would teach students on interpersonal cohesiveness?

    What initiatives can the government make in order to reduce hatred, greed and selfishness among people?

    Identify the steps that you would follow to make the change in our core structure.

    The impact that these changes will have on our society and criminology.

    Analyze the feasibility of these changes. Will the changes, you have thought of, promote interpersonal cohesiveness among people and help to reduce crime?

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    Five specific things that can be done to bring about change in our core structure, include more freedom for judges in sentencing, stricter sentences for juvenile offenders, more proactive policing, increased security and surveillance at our borders, and reduced privileges within the correctional system for inmates. In light of the ideas of peacemaking criminology, these changes would reduce crime due to the fact that judges would have the ability to impose harsher sentences for harsher ...