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criminal trial process

What are the steps in the criminal trial process? What is an appeal? How does an appeal relate to the overall process?

Who are the members in the courtroom workgroup? What roles do they play in the criminal trial process?

What is sentencing? How do philosophical roles of sentencing play a role in the process? What changes might you recommend regarding the sentencing process?

How do you define punishment? How do the variations of punishment affect convicted criminals? What recommendations might you suggest to help reduce recidivism rates with regard to sentencing?

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What are the steps in the criminal trial process? What is an appeal? How does an appeal relate to the overall process?
The first step in the criminal trial process is opening statements, usually, the State makes the first statements and then the defense makes its statements. The second step is state's witnesses and evidence. These are presented in the court. The third step is the presentation of the defense's witnesses and evidence in the court. The fourth step is the closing arguments. The fifth step is the court's instructions to the jury. Usually, the judge gives instructions to the members of the jury. The sixth step is jury's deliberations. The seventh step is the announcement of the verdict.
The appeal is a request made to a higher court to review the decision of the lower court's proceedings and outcome. Usually, the defendant presents her case that the lower court violated her rights. The defendant appeals so the higher court that either a fresh trial be ordered or the sentence be decreased. Usually, there is a time limit for filing a notice of appeal after being sentenced. Then the defense files an opening brief. The state then files an answering brief. If the case requires, the court may schedule an oral argument. Essentially, the appeal is an important opportunity to ensure that the rights of the defendant are not transgressed.
Usually, when a person is convicted of a felony has the right to appeal. Usually, the arguments presented are in writing and these are examined by judges. Usually, the arguments relate to how the defendants rights were violated during the prosecution.( 293 words)
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