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Key Facts

Review the court opinions and for each case and identify the Key Facts

Key facts: The legally significant facts of a case that raise the legal question of how or whether the law governing the dispute applies. They are facts upon which the outcome of the case is determined. Key facts establish or satisfy the elements of a cause of action and are necessary to prove or disprove a claim. A key fact is a fact so essential that, if it were changed, the outcome of the case would probably change.

United States v. Leon 468 U.S. 897

Cardwell v. Gwaltney 556 N.E.2d 953

Clearly label each case before you identify facts.

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United States v. Leon 468 U.S. 897
The facts of the case are that police carried out surveillance based on an unidentified informant. The police applied for a search warrant of Leon's house based on evidence from their surveillance. The court issues a search warrant and the police recovered illegal drugs from Leon's house. Leon was held to have violated Federal drug laws. However, a judge reached the conclusion that the affidavit for search ...

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