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Wolcott v. Wolcott

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Read the following cases and complete the questions to follow each.

1.Dean v. Dickey - 225 S.W. 2d 999 Identify the validity of the will issue presented in this case.

2.United States v. Martinez-Jimenez - 864 F 2d. 664 Identify the issue concerning whether the weapon was dangerous.

3.Wolcott v. Wolcott - 105 N.M. 608 Identify the issues concerning the modification of child support due to change of circumstance.

**** I have attached the cases

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Here is some info on the cases from Westlaw...good luck!

1.Dean v. Dickey - 225 S.W. 2d 999
The words "wholly written" as used in statutes respecting execution and proof of will, mean wholly written in the handwriting of testator, and a typewritten instrument was not entitled to probate as an "holographic will".

The sole question presented by this appeal is whether a typewritten instrument of testamentary character typed wholly by Trollis Dell Dickey on June 12, 1945, and intended by him to be his last will and testament, and signed by him and one witness in ink, is entitled to probate as the holographic will of the said Trollis Dell Dickey, Deceased. The trial court affirmed the order of the County Court denying probate of the instrument, and this appeal has been duly perfected. ...

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