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Contributions of Mary Whiton Calkins to psychology:

I need information on Mary Whiton Calkins theoretical perspective and her contributions to the field of psychology.

Possibly a detailed explanation.

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Mary was born in Hartford, Connecticut on March 30, 1863 to Wolcott and Charlotte Calkins (Zusne, 1984).

Theoretical perspective and contributions of Mary Whiton Calkins to the field of psychology:

Psychological Laboratory:
Calkins was responsible for opening a psychological laboratory at Wellesley College. It was a humble beginning. She was assisted by professors like William James and Edmund C. Stanford while setting up the laboratory. She enabled her students to gain first hand experience on a number of topics such as sensation, association, attention, space perception, memory, and reaction time by dissecting sheep's brain and conducting studies using the same from 1891-1892. She worked with her students and conducted extensive studies on various topics such as dreams, psychological aesthetics, synesthesia, the emotional life of children, moral consciousness, stories, and drawings (Furumoto, 1980).

Calkins was successful in setting up the psychological laboratory, and helped many students in conducting psychological research. She also reported the findings of ...

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The solution deals with the theoritical perspective and contributions of Mary Whiton Calkins to the field of psychology.