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Police Selection Process and Its Importance

Discuss the steps for police selection and the importance of the field training officer.

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Steps for police selection:
In every police officer selection process, the application is the first step. The application presents details regarding the applicant. Candidates should disclose any relevant information to their personal life and well as physical constraints. An applicant should be a US Citizen or permanent resident who is eligible and has applied for citizenship, free of any felony convictions. She should also be at least 18 years old, a high school graduate and of good moral character. The applicant will be fingerprinted as well.

Next, the candidate will be required, in most instances, to take a written exam. The topics include reading comprehension, basic math, vocabulary, report writing, spelling, grammar, directional orientation, and communication.

Once she passes the ...

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Potential police officers are to be free from any emotional or mental condition that may affect her being an impartial peace officer. Field Training Officers are to give an evaluation of the probationary officer's performance. The evaluation is based upon actual field behavior. The FTO's opinion of the new recruit is largely considered in the decision to keep or terminate the officer.