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Law Contracts: Elements, Breaches, Resolutions

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Locate a contract and consider the following:

- Identify the required elements of every contract
- What do you think were some of the considerations by the parties involved in forming this contract?
- What are some of the ways that contract breach could occur?
- What are the potential resolutions for those breaches?

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Locate a contract and consider the following:

Location: http://smallbusiness.findlaw.com/business-forms-contracts/be8_9_1.html

- identify the required elements of every contract
The required elements of a contract are offer and acceptance. Paragraph 3, the seller makes an offer and Para 4, the buyer makes an acceptance. The other element is intention to create legal relations. By disclosing the identity of the buyer in Para 1 and the seller in Para 2 the intention to create legal relations is expressed. In section C and ...

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